Nathaniel Binversie
Exodus Director of Mission

Bring the Exodus Tailgate Tour to your city!

It’s official!

The Exodus Tailgate Tour has just begun, and my family and I are off to see the beautiful country we call home — and so many parishes, campuses, and Wal-Mart parking lots along the way.

The Tailgate Tour was designed to be a ‘different’ type of event that men in parishes, on campuses, and other communities don’t typically get invited to. We know attracting men to a ‘church event’ is not particularly easy. The Tailgate Tour seeks to minimize that obstacle.

Who can host a stop on the tour? Anyone. Any Exodus man, any individual, any church, any proprietor of any tavern. Anyone. If you are ready to impact the men of your community and are willing to put in the work to make this event successful, the Tailgate Tour can be a reality for your men!

The talk that I’ll give along the way is based on our 2022 theme: Live Different. It’s made to be a profound and effective overview on living the immersed Christian life, with enough practicals to move men into action today.

This talk sheds light on the difficult and selfless life the Lord commands us to live through both the old and the new testament, the Christian life. It gives an overview of a life of personal prayer, self-sacrifice, and real fraternity. Though we believe in the effectiveness of making an Exodus through one of the many Exodus spiritual exercises, this talk is not an advertisement. Taking up Exodus spiritual exercises is optional, living a life of prayer, self-sacrifice, and fraternity is not.  For that reason, Live Different not only points to Exodus spiritual exercises as a way to live this out, but it also provides men with alternative practical examples and steps to Live Different as well.

Want to have me stop by your hometown? Head over here to let us know.