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The Exodus Fraternity Leader Virtual Training was created to serve Exodus men across the world, helping them to become more effective fraternity leaders. When men become better leaders, our communities change. This event will give you more confidence and clarity in leading your brothers through the 90 days to Easter.

Who is this for? Any man, whether you’ve done Exodus 90 or not. If you are ready to impact the men of your community and are willing to put in the work to become an effective leader for your fraternity, you are exactly who should come!

What to Expect

Start With Yourself

The best way to get other men in your community to live differently is to first live differently yourself. In this session, Nathaniel Binversie will cover three aspects of the Christian life that you are very familiar with—prayer, asceticism, and fraternity—and why and how we should be living these out, not just for 90 days a year, but every day of our lives, for the rest of our lives. Don’t be too daunted; we’re not suggesting you do Exodus 90, 365.

Presenter: Nathaniel Binversie, Director of Formation at Exodus 90

Fishers of Men

“Every one to whom much is given, of him will much be required” (Luke 12:48). By virtue of our baptism, all of us have been given far more than we may even know. What are you doing to live out your baptismal priesthood? It’s time to use what we’ve been given in a way that actually meets or exceeds what is required of us.

Presenter: Matt Faley, Chief Mission Officer at Diocese of Peoria

How to Lead a Fraternity

What does fraternity life look like? How can a leader have a more profound impact on the men in his fraternity? What do I need to know about leading a fraternity that I don’t know I don’t know? We will answer these questions and more during this session on the practicals of leading a fraternity.

Presenter: Nathaniel Binversie, Director of Formation at Exodus 90

Exodus and the Parish

What kind of relationship should you have with the men you are leading? Can it be a distant relationship or does it need to be personal and invested? What about with your pastor—does he need to be involved, and if so, to what extent? In this talk, a pastor will share his insights into what it looks like to truly shepherd the men of your parish as they work to lead other men as well.

Featuring: Bishop Joseph Strickland (Tyler, TX) and Deacon Michael Halbrook


Bishop Strickland

Diocese of Tyler, TX

Hear insights on masculine leadership and the importance of building up your brothers in Christ from the Bishop of the Diocese of Tyler, TX, the Most Rev. Joseph Strickland. Bishop offers us his vision of Christian dicsipleship and masculine formation through Exodus 90.


James Baxter

Co-Founder & CEO, Exodus 90

Nick Meyer

Director of Growth, Exodus 90


Dcn. Michael Halbrook

COO, Exodus 90


Nathaniel Binversie

Director of Formation, Exodus 90


Andrew Whiskeyman

Exodus Parish Guide  |  Former Chief of Information Operations, US CENTCOM

Matt Faley

Chief of Mission, Diocese of Peoria


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Is this the year you lead a fraternity?

Leadership is one of the most discussed topics of our time, and for good reason. Leaders represent and shape those that follow them. But as much as we talk about it, what does true leadership mean?

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Session 1: Fix Yourself

Session 2: Fisher of Men

Session 3: Practicals of Leading a Fraternity

Session 4: Exodus and the Parish

Session 5: Q/A Panel



Do I have to be an “Exodus man” to attend? No! Any man who wants to lead an Exodus fraternity this year is welcome to join us!

How long is this? The full recording is just over 5 hours.