Let's Get Practical...

I purchased Exodus 90; now what? I feel like I spent $45.00 for eBooks telling me what I already knew…


Exodus is about a lived experience of fraternity and asceticism for greater interior freedom. The guide is just that, a guide. A man hasn’t accomplished his Exodus by reading it.

I’d draw your attention to section 3 of the Exodus Guide“Five Steps to Beginning Exodus”.

  1. Have you invited a band of brothers to join you in the 90 days?
  2. Once that is accomplished, have you set your weekly meetings?
  3. Have you picked a specific accountability partner within your Exodus fraternity?
  4. Have you pursued a priest or other mentor to be a guide throughout this time?
  5. And lastly, have you adapted your daily schedule to include prayer and the other disciplines of Exodus?

Also, when you purchase Exodus you will receive an email that features a “Start Exodus” button. By clicking this button you will initiate your 90 days. Make sure that each member of your fraternity begins Exodus on the same day so that your emails are in sync. These “Daily Inspirations” guide you through the biblical book of Exodus and offer you a reflection with corresponding tasks to accomplish. These inspirations are meant to keep you and your fraternity focused throughout the 90 days. They can also provide the content to be discussed at your fraternity meetings throughout the week. By purchasing Exodus, you will also have access to our Exodus Community Support Center. Current and former Exodus participants all across the country (and beyond!) can post questions, encouragements, and other comments. Upon completion of your 90 days, you will receive an archived list of daily reflections for re-use at your convenience. Again, it is through fraternity and asceticism that we experience a new freedom. That’s what Exodus 90 is all about.

Are you ready?

The road is long and hard. But without freedom, we cannot love as we’ve been called by Jesus Christ to do. Get started today.