Our Lady of Mt Carmel

How is that habit of

staring at your screen

wasting time on your phone

working out for you?

The main reason men make an Exodus is this: they want to grow. Closer to God, their spouse, children, and friends. Closer to that man that God has called them to be for them.

Men in Carmel are finding freedom.

Research shows that habits can be dramatically transformed in a span of 90 days. And, when put in the context of Biblical stories, a routine prayer life, and a fraternity of brothers to support you, men experience freedom from unwanted habits and an ability to be who they were truly called to be: Men in Christ. Men of the Church. Men for Others.


of Exodus men experience freedom

More than 60,000 men from around the world have journeyed through the Exodus with their brothers. Single men, married men, priests, bishops, Christians and non-Christians alike. They overwhelming tell us Exodus 90 has given them a level of freedom they did not have before.

How it works.


You will journey with the Israelites through the Book of Exodus. Each morning you’ll have a passage from the Bible and a reflection to guide your silent prayer.

What does prayer look like with Exodus 90? >


We can’t say “yes” to God until we have said “no” to the world and its comforts. You’ll return to the Church’s ancient – and largely forgotten – tradition of asceticism. That’s a fancy word that means “acts of self denial.”

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Invite men you know to journey with you: your friends, co-workers, brothers, or that random guy at Church. You will meet each week with your fraternity and follow a simple structure for prayer, encouragement, and accountability. One of the men from your fraternity will be your Anchor, and you will check in with him each day.

Why you can’t do it alone >


Live Advent

Saturday, Dec. 4 at 5:30pm

Join us for a men’s retreat/rally after 4:30 Mass with Pizza, a series of talks from Nathaniel Binversie, director of content at Exodus 90, and social time at 8pm!

Dcn. Michael Halbrook

Granite City Parish Guide

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Bret Ware

Fraternity Leader

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The first seven days of Exodus 90 are free. On Day 8, you’ll be invited to join Exodus Membership for $90 / year or $10 / month. 

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