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Now More Than Ever.

In these dark times, God the Father has a grander vision for your parish. A vision in which your men are leading their families to holiness, engaging in new ministries, and evangelizing your zip code.

But so many good men in your pews are wasting away their potential in distraction and addiction: to sports, porn, alcohol, video games, Netflix, social media, and so on. And it’s costing everyone, but especially the mission of your parish.

Now more than ever, the Church needs more from Her men. Exodus 90 is the spiritual exercise to set your men free for God’s grander vision.

“Exodus 90 was so good that I’ll get a group of my parishioners to do it every year at every parish that I’m at!”

Fr. Kyle Kowalczyk, 37, Priest

How to Get Started

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Priests, as well as parish and diocesan leaders, can review Exodus 90 at no cost. Fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch with you within one day.

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2. Advertise Effortlessly

We’ve put together bulletin inserts, posters for the narthex, emails, texts and more!

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Send our easy, online registration form to the men of your parish. Each man chooses his own preferred program package.

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Our team sends the emails, ships the desired merchandise directly to your men, and speaks to any questions you or they may have along the way.

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“Exodus 90 has made spiritual soldiers of men in my parish by training them in the battle plan used by so many saints before us.”

Fr. Jonathan Norton, 35, Priest

“I recommend it for any man who wants to deepen his relationship with God, grow in self-mastery, or learn to love more like Christ.”

Bishop Andrew Cozzens

“Exodus 90 tackles the very issues preventing men from a deep intimacy with our Lord. The weekly meetings allowed me to go deeper with my friends than I ever have before.”

Kenny Cavanaugh, 25, Missionary