Reinvigorate Your Knights of Columbus Council

Dear Millennial Brother Knight:

As you know, there are few more influential forces for good in the Church than the Knights of Columbus. This has been true from its founding by Father McGivney in 1882, to the present day. The Knights are ambassadors of the Pro-Life movement and generous donors to so many causes across the world. According to a site devoted to the legacy of Father McGivney: “Over the past decade, Knights have raised and donated nearly $1.4 billion to charity and given nearly 653 million hours in humanitarian service.”

Unfortunately, many other young men fail to perceive this legacy. They often think only of fish fries, tootsie pops, bingo, and beer when they think of the Knights of Columbus… Perception isn’t always reality, but it’s important to grapple with nevertheless. What’s true in this perception? Concretely, how can your parish council return to the heart of the mission that Father McGivney set out?

The hearty challenge of Exodus 90 with its regimen of prayer, asceticism, and brotherhood can be a great way to reinvigorate your Knights council. After 90 days, you will find yourself a better Knight. And if enough of your brother Knights join you in the experience, the impact on your parish and community will be felt. And that, brother Knight, will attract more men like yourself to carry the torch of Father McGivney’s legacy.

Are you ready?

Exodus 90 offers you an experience unlike any other. In denying yourself the noise our world offers, you can discover the unknown greatness you can offer instead.

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