Give 'em wings.

You are not a weak man.

But, like anyone else, the comforts in your life have led you to a level of complacency that has started to wear down your masculine strengths. As Pope Benedict XVI once said: “You were not made for comfort; you were made for greatness.”

So, what gives? How can you build, or re-build, that strength you’re capable of, so that you can reach the greatness you were made for?

This is where Exodus 90 comes into play. Birthed from the practices of dozens of men in the seminary in 2011, Exodus 90 showed that our first-world comforts hold us captive to earthly pleasures, and not to our sonship with the Father.

“Let my son go, that he may love me.” Exodus 4:23

These good men knew that lay men around the country needed to experience the freedom they won through the 90 days of Exodus.

You can find that freedom for yourself, and reach the greatness you were made for.



“When I would wake up, and the first challenge I was presented with was a cold shower; it really set the tone for the day and the challenges I could tackle more easily.”

Steve, 24

Are you ready?

Exodus 90 offers you an experience unlike any other. In denying yourself the noise our world offers, you can discover the unknown greatness you can offer instead.

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