In The Parish

“Exodus 90 has made spiritual soldiers of men in my parish by training them in the battle plan used by so many saints before us. Every band of brothers at my parish who has given themselves completely to this training are now singing the victory song of Moses, “The Lord is a warrior, the Lord is his name!”

Fr. Jonathan Norton, 35, Priest

Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

“We had a large group of men doing Exodus together at my parish. What impressed me most was the simplicity of the program. If you were to tell a man that you wanted him to improve his communication with his wife, work on his anger issues, invest more time with his kids, grow in his relationship with Jesus, and drop a few pounds to boot, he would probably have no idea where to begin. But if you told him instead to refrain from beer, sweets, and media, to pray and workout 20 minutes a day, he would find that all those other things somehow happened as a result. Exodus was so good that I’ll get a group of my parishioners to do it every year at every parish that I’m at!”

Fr. Kyle Kowalczyk, 37, Priest

Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

In Europe

“Exodus 90 tackles the very issues preventing men from a deep intimacy with our Lord. The weekly meetings allowed me to go deeper with my friends than I ever have before.

Kenny Cavanaugh, 25, Missionary,

Vienna, Austria

In the Seminary

“In order to battle pornography, be detached from the world, grow in holiness/sanctity, love more fully, and have more meaningful relationships, you need freedom.  There is no mystery about how to grow in freedom, but it is difficult and only begins by paradoxically surrendering to God.  In Exodus, you grow in freedom by: increasing your will through acts of self-denial and penance, increasing your prayer which is necessary to be disposed to the graces to accomplish this work of God within you, detaching from things of the world through a sort of “dark night of the senses”, relying upon others and ultimately God through prayer and fraternity, allowing oneself to be filled by the love of God by emptying oneself of love of every worldly thing, and exposing the world for what it is: thy ship and not thy home.”

Not just a chastity program

That said, Exodus 90 can be a step toward recovery for those in the throes of an addiction. Here’s a testimonial from a man in Minnesota:

“I am 55 years old and struggled with my addiction to porn since I was 12 years old.  I tried everything over the years to no avail.  The Exodus 90 day program was a dream come true.  Not only did it help me break my addiction, it improved my life in so many other ways.  The program taught me how to discipline myself in all aspects of my life.  I am so much happier, healthier and focused.  When I am at work, I work more efficiently so that I have more time to spend with my family.  One of the greatest gifts I received through the Exodus program is that the end of the 90 days coincided with my wife’s and my 25th wedding anniversary.  For the first time in 25 years of marriage, I was able to present my wife with a chaste husband on our anniversary.”

Most of Our Testimonies are Simple

Not all men that come to Exodus 90 struggle with an addiction, but they still have much to gain! Many men say they are less distracted by the stress of life and the lure of technology, and are more present to their wives and children at home. Here’s an example from a man in Texas and from Bill & Dawn Kane in Minnesota:

“Before starting Exodus, I was like most: stressed to the max, chasing my tail, and never getting anywhere. By casting off the many distractions that plagued me and gaining the support and accountability of my team, I’ve found that I now have the energy needed to give of myself to my family and the desire to share the love of Christ with others. Now, life has seemingly slowed down, and I truly am able to enjoy the encounters with my kids and can listen to my wife and begin to appreciate who she is for our family. The journey has enabled me to put things in their proper order even though I still have the same amount of work and responsibility.”

“Before Exodus 90 I was attached to my phone and TV.  Starting Exodus I began to realize that I spent too much time on media.  Now, I have made time for daily prayers.  I meditate on the gospel readings every day and try to say the rosary as well.  I am more calm and have grown in my faith.  My relationship with my wife has improved. On the “active rest” days, I would dance with my wife. When the 90 days were ending, she said she didn’t want that part to end. We still dance with each other weekly, which definitely increases our connection to each other.” — Bill Kane 53, father of 4 and grandfather of 1.

“My husband Bill enrolled in the Exodus program at our parish in January of this year and completed the 90 days just before Easter. While he was enrolled in the program and since he has completed it I have noticed many changes in his behavior, attitude and spirituality. He has become more self sacrificing- thinking of the needs and wants of his family  before his own.  He has become more consistent with his daily exercise, daily rosary and prayer time.  His attitude has changed toward pretty much everything in his life.   He approaches things with the mindset of how can I serve God through my thoughts, actions and words towards others. He is learning or relearning aspects of his faith that are helping him to grow in his walk with Jesus and to share what he is learning with others. He has become a true disciple of Jesus.  He has become the spiritual leader of our family.”

Dr. Taylor Marshall

The President of the New St. Thomas Institute speaks to common ebbs and flows throughout his Exodus 90 journey:

“My journey through Exodus 90 began with the the first ten days of sheer joy of something new and refreshing: Silence. Reflection. New fraternity with guys in my group. Around day 20, the disciplines felt unbearable and unrealistic. I had doubts in myself and considered quitting. I craved distraction and my old comforts. By day 39, our team was feeling the weight of self-denial and discouragement. “We have almost finished a 40 day Lent…and we aren’t even halfway yet.” 50 more days felt like too long. However, around days 50-60, our team became more naturally habituated to the disciplines. One can only understand this by experiencing it. A sense of resolve and peace entered into my life. By day 90, I did not want it to end. I had become a new man and I liked sincerely like the man who I had become. I now feel as if there is an secret tabernacle within my chest into which I can retreat and be silent with Jesus Christ. I had felt this place before, but during Exodus 90 I found this inner core and learned to retreat there. The rhythm of prayer and and the asceticism of Exodus 90 helped me find this inner place of peace, and I’m grateful for that. Even after the 90 days are over, I still have it. If you are a man who feels discouraged, depressed, or complacent, I exhort you to try Exodus 90 and find Christ again – and find yourself again.”

What will you become by day 91?


“A sense of resolve and peace entered into my life. By day 90, I did not want it to end. I had become a new man and I sincerely liked the man who I had become.”

-Taylor, Irving, TX