There are many reasons we decided to charge a minimal amount for Exodus 90. The first is that with a financial investment comes increased accountability to follow through on a commitment. Simply: We want to challenge men to take action! And one way to do that is by requiring a buy-in. That being said, if you cannot afford the investment, let us know, and we will gladly accommodate your needs.

But a larger purpose is the dogged pursuit of perfection. To continue to evolve Exodus 90, we require continued funds to build more effective tools. We have plans to implement features that we hope will take Exodus to the next level. Your early commitment now, will give you free access to these features in the future! For example: One task we have ahead of us is to create an app. This would enable men to have reminders, notifications, meditations and etc throughout the 90 days and beyond.

If you think of a way to make Exodus 90 better, do not hesitate to contact us! Together as brothers in Christ we can achieve the freedom He desires for us.

Are you ready?

The road is long and hard. But without freedom, we cannot love as we’ve been called by Jesus Christ to do. Get started today.