Benefits of Exodus

Exodus has the power to change your life and the muscle to release you from sexual addiction (or other repressive habits).

It’s a bold claim and it’s true. Even if you are not addicted to sex or any other thing, it has the clout to make you a much better man. No, it will not be easy, but we give you our word that it is effective and we assure you of our prayerful support.

Exodus was originally designed for men attempting to overcome sexual addiction and habit. But men also join Exodus for a number of other reasons: to grow in virtue, quicken masculine resolve, restore focus, affirm chastity as well as grow in self-mastery and self-knowledge, fraternity and deeper relationship with God.

Allow me to be personal and blunt (I think you can handle it): Many men do not feel comfortable discussing issues of a sexual nature outwardly for many reasons. But, shame is the worst. Years of shame as the result of an early or inappropriate sexual encounter, early introduction to pornography, sexual promiscuity, or infidelity in marriage/priesthood, can destroy a man’s sense of self. Sexuality is a large and important part of who we are as men and, in the modern age, our sexuality has been used against us. You have seen the numbers, there is no need to site shocking statistics: YOU know personally; YOU know your own experience.

The sex trade is tearing the soul out of our nation by draining good men of their power. The great St. Augustine described sexual enslavement as the “scattered elements of the self.” What man, what army, can stand firm and fight when it is scattered? The misuse of sexuality by men is, without doubt, the single most destructive weapon Satan and his minions use against our families, our communities and our country.

Is there a quick fix, a pill for healing? No. But Exodus is that medicine, like the scroll St. John is commanded to eat in the Book of Revelation that “was sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it my stomach was made bitter.” You will find that Exodus is a sweet answer to addictions of many kinds, but when eaten and the work begins, it can be bitter in the stomach. But the key is this: it works and it is worth the effort. You will find it exhilarating at first, but as the long days of spiritual discipline and prayer pass, Exodus will become very difficult, almost burdensome. Nonetheless, you will intuitively begin to know that you are – in some strange mystical way – being transformed anew and that you are indeed making progress!
Will you want to do Exodus? More than likely, probably not.

It will be difficult, like taking a bone from a dog. A bone is everything to a dog, any attempt to take the bone is met with unbridled aggression. Suggest to a man that he give up his habit, his addiction, his selfishness, or his control and he will react, sometimes explosively, like a dog. Even though a man knows that sex, wealth and power will not make him a better man or even make him happy, he fights hard to acquire them and equally hard to keep them… and it leaves him broken and angry.

Here are the benefits to Exodus:

  1. Exodus allows you to reclaim your power: you will discover greater personal integrity, focus, increased self-worth, dramatic improvement in relationship with your wife and children (if you are married) or dramatic improvement in self-giving (if you are a celibate).
  2. Greater humility before God and a new filial (Father/Son) relationship with him.
  3. More satisfaction in prayer.
  4. You will assemble and be a part of a fraternity of men, something sorely lacking (to our detriment) today.
  5. Saves money and improves productivity: you will not be preoccupied with lust, especially in the workplace.
  6. You will be more at peace and the “scattered elements of the self” will be reordered and you will enjoy greater and healthier self-confidence.

The quintessential key to the success of Exodus is the dogged pursuit of freedom. The first step to being a better man: priest, seminarian, Christian man, husband, or father is freedom. Without freedom, man is nothing. Thus, Exodus is based on a 90-day period of purification, dying to self, and fraternity that is the basis for acquiring greater interior freedom and, eventually, a more purified and selfless love. Fantasize, if you will, about this: a simple and happy life of freedom. Most men, when invited to join Exodus, are filled with fear and anxiety, if not loathing; so the first hurdle is overcoming the loss of control. It is highly recommended that nothing (as much as possible) be changed in Exodus. The need to control is one of the major reasons men fail at chastity to begin with.

Scientists are reporting that a man can radically change his brain chemistry (which may be in the throes of habit or addiction) in a 90 day period. That is the goal. Exodus consists of a team of 4-8 men, accompanied (if possible) by a spiritual director, that meets 1 to 3 times a week for accountability and support and, most importantly, solidarity. No priest, no therapist? No worries; allow the ancient wisdom of the Church to be your guide. From experience, of past participants, the program, if engaged faithfully, can be highly effective.

We beg you to give this program a try; if not for you, for those who love you and need you. The Exodus program was created by men who were simply not satisfied with mediocrity; men who felt, deep in their breast, a profound desire for something more: a deep yearning for greatness. Like so many men today, disillusioned by the empty promises of a broken culture, they knew the sad, monotonous state of modern existence. As the angel declared in the Book of Revelation, “You have the reputation of being alive, but you are dead” (3:1). “AWAKE!” the same angelic messenger demands, “strengthen what remains!”