The Exodus Bride

So, your husband wants to do Exodus 90?

We’ve put together these resources to help you navigate the 90 days and hear from other Exodus wives about their experience.

3 Key Things to Know

Here are some insights from Exodus wives who’ve come before you:

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Designed to enhance your marriage

Sometimes, an Exodus man can be tempted to separate his Exodus 90 journey from his marriage. We encourage the opposite. An Exodus man’s wife should not feel as though there is a new barrier in her marriage. That’s why we’ve worked with ENDOW to write our new Exodus Bride companion guide, to help you follow along in a uniquely feminine way. Scroll down to sign up!

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It's His Exodus, Not Yours

“I can’t eat meat today, so you’re going to need to cook something else,” is the last thing he should say after you’ve prepared a meal for the family. Do we encourage fasting and abstinence from meat on Wednesdays and Fridays? Yes. Should that be permission for him to be a jerk? Never. Eat the burger, bud. Thank your wife for her sacrifice.

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Ego and pride might get him started, but humility is the goal

Exodus men around the world love the adventure and challenge of the 90 days. It’s part of our masculine identity. But our ego can rear its ugly head during the 90 days. Pray for your husband to find humility in this exercise. Because, he will fail at Exodus 90. And that’s ok. We are training men for the Christian life. Which comes with failures. But holiness is found in shaking off the dust, standing back up, and fighting to be more virtuous tomorrow.

Exodus 90 changes families because the head and the heart unite in a way that turns the family completely to the Father.”

Kelly Ann,

An Exodus Bride

I immediately thought this would have a negative impact on us. Boy was I wrong. I felt like I got my husband back.”


Matt’s Wife


The Exodus Bride: A Companion Guide

What You’ll Get:

Written by our friends at ENDOW, this mobile-friendly PDF reflects on Mulieris Dignitatem (on the Dignity and Vocation of Women) written by St. John Paul II. Each week during Exodus 90, you’ll have this guide to grow deeper in your own faith.

You’ll also get the daily readings from the Book of Exodus your husband is reading via email. And no, you won’t have to take any cold showers. 🙂

This new guide will help you stay on a similar page with your husband as he journeys through the 90 days.


Oh, he wants meatless meals, you say?

Here are some great meatless meals he can make for the family during the 90 days: