What will you become by day 91?

You. Your brothers. 90 days.


Learn to depend upon God for everything. Read more.


Empty yourself of modern comforts. Read more.


“A soldier alone, is no soldier at all.” Read more.

90 Days

Break bad habits & form virtues in 90 days. Read more.

“If you are a man who feels discouraged, depressed, or complacent, I exhort you to try Exodus 90 and find Christ again – and find yourself again too.”

-Dr. Taylor Marshall, Phd

President of the New St. Thomas Institute

Why You Should NOT Attempt Exodus 90

If you are comfortable with your passivity and lackluster trust in God, by all means, close this tab on your browser. But, if you know there’s an unknown greatness you were made for, find a few friends and get started


Are you ready?

Exodus 90 offers you an experience unlike any other. In denying yourself the noise our world offers, you can discover the unknown greatness you can offer instead.

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