Fight for Your Freedom.

And engage the love of God and the love of neighbor.

Freedom from Modern Vice. Freedom for God.

Your roadmap from the slavery of sin into the freedom of the sons of God.


Learn to depend upon God for everything.


Empty yourself of modern nonsense to be filled with God’s grace.


Band together with other men for inspiration, challenge, and accountability.

90 Days

Break bad habits & form habits of virtue in 90 days.

“If you are a man who feels discouraged, depressed, or complacent, I exhort you to try Exodus 90 and find Christ again – and find yourself again.”

-Dr. Taylor Marshall, Phd

President of the New St. Thomas Institute,, and the Maccabee Society

Why You Should NOT Attempt Exodus

The Church often wonders why men are visibly absent from the pews today. But the Church should not expect men to be engaged when she offers so very little for them. At the very least, Exodus 90 is a hearty challenge to the status quo


Join the Exodus – Fight for Your Freedom

Exodus 90 is a ninety-day journey from the slavery of sin into the freedom of the sons of God. Take up the challenge. Fight for your freedom.