Now more than ever, the Church needs more from her men.

Exodus 90 is a spiritual exercise for the renewal of the Church.

 The 4 Pillars

Exodus 90 is a challenging 90-day period of prayer and asceticism, supported by a fraternity of 5-7 like-minded men. Exodus fraternities are spiritually directed by a priest whenever possible. 

90 Days 

The 90-day benchmark is not an arbitrary number; it is essential for freedom. That’s the period it takes to re-learn the joy and satisfaction of self-mastery and freedom. Most men consider the 90-day period of purification a manly challenge, something that may have been missing in their lives for a long time.

In addition, researchers have found that it takes about 90 days – the length of many rehabilitation models, including AA – for the brain to “reset” itself. Interestingly enough, people in recovery have known this saying forever “90 meetings in 90 days” because when the brain is engaged in a habit for 90 days it becomes easier to do. After Exodus 90, what was once difficult and a challenge, becomes a new way of life.


During Exodus 90, you slowly read through the book of Exodus and commit to 20-60 minutes of silent prayer each day. You take on the story of the Israelites and are guided by daily meditations that open up the Sacred Scriptures in new and enlightening ways. But this isn’t just a bible study, Exodus 90 is much more.


We cannot say “yes” to God until we have said “no” to the world and its comforts. During Exodus 90, you will return to the Church’s ancient (and largely lost) tradition of asceticism. Here’s the regimen:

  • cold showers
  • no alcohol
  • no desserts & sweets
  • no eating between meals
  • no soda or sweetened drinks
  • no television or movies or televised sports (without permission from the fraternity)
  • only listen to music that lifts the soul to God
  • only use computer for work, school, essential tasks
  • only use mobile device for essential communications (delete unnecessary apps)
  • regular and intense daily exercise
  • no major material purchases (without permission from the fraternity)
  • at least seven hours of sleep each night


Exodus 90 is not a self-help program. You’ll invite 5-7 men to journey with you, and where possible, your priest will serve as your spiritual director. These meetings are an opportunity for men to give a self-report for accountability, to receive encouragement from the brotherhood, and wisdom from the spiritual director. There’s no better way to re-awaken your diocese, parish, or men’s group in these dark times that call for prayer, penance, and renewed trust.

“In a life that is chock-full of distractions and temptations, Exodus 90 is a means of growing in the holiness and freedom offered to us in Christ.  It employs the time-tested Catholic disciplines of asceticism and prayer in the context of fraternity, and I am pleased to endorse this as something men should consider.”

– Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades

Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend

“Exodus 90 is rediscovering and reintroducing the faithful to the Church’s beautiful tradition of penance. Not in a negative way that punishes ourselves but in a positive way that invites us to experience the fruits of prayer, fasting, and brotherhood. Indeed, the priests and laymen I know who have undertaken this ascetical adventure have been surprised by the way it has transformed their lives. I recommend it for any man who wants to deepen his relationship with God, grow in self-mastery, or learn to love more like Christ.”

– Bishop Andrew Cozzens

Auxiliary Bishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis

By Nothing but Prayer and Fasting: Responding to the Sexual Abuse & Leadership Crisis in the Church

The scandals coming to light in recent weeks are demoralizing and depressing. They will not likely end for a long time, as more and more dioceses seek to set the record straight. And then there will be the resignations.  

Are you ready?

The road is long and hard. But without freedom, we cannot love as we’ve been called by Jesus Christ to do. Get started today.