2024 Media Kit

Exodus exists for men to be uncommonly free through Jesus Christ.

As the fastest growing ministry for men, Exodus offers  challenging journeys through a year-long series of spiritual exercises based on three pillars: prayer, asceticism, and fraternity.

The men’s movement continues to expand — reaching more than 100,000 men of all generations and stages of their faith journey. Exodus summons men back to the foundations of their faith in order for them to experience freedom from worldly addictions to better love those entrusted to their care. 

Sample Interview Questions

  1. Can you describe Exodus 90 for those who are unfamiliar?
  2. The most common time men commit to Exodus 90 is during and leading up to Easter. How is this special or different from participating at other times of the year?
  3. What happens after the 90 days?
  4. How do you encourage men who are on the fence about taking the Exodus 90 journey?
  5. How does one get started with Exodus 90?

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Media Requests

Contact adam@exodus90.com for media inquiries.

Real Testimonies

man praying in a church

"If it weren't for Exodus, I wouldn't even know about acedia."

Dan Katzinsky


man praying in a church

"I was tired of being in a rut. The grace I received changed my life.

Matthew Heeder


man praying in a church

“Truly a life-changing experience."

Ari Semertzidis


“After 90 days, men experience true freedom. I have seen this fruit with my own eyes.

Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades

Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

Imprimatur given 2019

Why I’m Going to the Freedom Summit . . . All the Way From Australia

At the end of 2022, whilst on summer vacation here in Australia, I was writing out my goals for 2023. This year, I was looking to take positive steps primarily in relation to my connection with God. I was looking to form a stronger communion with the Lord but wasn’t sure where or how to start. I asked God to send me a sign, to put something in my path that would bring me in closer communion with Him. 

My wife was surprised when I asked her what was hardest about Exodus 90

A few days before day 90 ended, I asked my wife what was the toughest part of Exodus 90 was for her. She looked at me and said it was a blessing to our family.

I felt like I got my husband back

Matt did Exodus 90 a year ago or so. I wasn’t so sure at first how this would affect our family life.

I left the Seminary. Now what?

It was six years ago, almost to the day, that I left the seminary and drove home to Zionsville, Indiana.

Without continued commitment, we knew we’d be back where we began

“There is no status quo in the spiritual or moral life. There is either progress or regression. We are always moving (either) backwards or forwards.”

Pornography plagued my life for 25 years

As a child, I was molested and at an early age when my family fell apart through divorce, I was exposed to pornography. For the next 25 years, pornography and every kind of impurity plagued my life.

Taking on a second Exodus 90

This is the second year to take the Exodus journey, this year I wanted to grow in prayer and be more loving in my family.

Finding my Vocation

I have done Exodus three times in as many years and I hold that this is the kind of movement that will form the saints of our time. Going into my freshman year at NC State, God was acquainting me with suffering.