Feast different.

This Easter Season, don’t binge and call it a “feast”

After the rigors of our Exodus 90 or Lenten sacrifices, it’s time to celebrate! Just as we have learned to honor God with our disciplines and fasting, we must now learn to worship God in joyful celebration and feasting. We cannot, however, simply abandon our hard-fought discipline. Through this Easter Season, we will build upon the firm foundation we have set and continue our progress by building a realistic rhythm that can last long term.

What to Expect

Together, we will feast and fast with the universal Church

man praying in a church

Move Forward

We will keep making forward progress. It’s very easy for disappointment and “letdown” to set in during the first weeks after Exodus 90 and Lent. In times of penance, we have oriented so much of our life towards the Lord, and it can be difficult to find a spiritual groove in a time of celebration. By staying committed to some form of prayer, asceticism, and fraternity, we will enter the Promised Land and avoid going back to Egypt.

man praying in a church

Feast or Binge?

We will learn the difference between Christian feasting and isolated binging. We will integrate festivity into our life of prayer, discipline, and fraternity with concrete ways to celebrate Easter with family and friends. Just as we honor God with sacrifices and fasting, we seek to worship him with joy and celebration.

man praying in a church

A Plan of Life

As a community of Exodus Men, we will embrace a common Plan of Life for life after Exodus 90 and Lent. Through the Easter Season, we will reflect deeply on the life we are called to live individually and supplement this plan with personal habits that keep us moving forward.

Reflect on the Acts of the Apostles

By reflecting on the biblical Acts of the Apostles, we will look to the early Church as a model for Christian life and community. The Easter Season anticipates Pentecost: a life animated by Jesus’s greatest gift — the Holy Spirit. The first Christians received the gift of the Holy Spirit and proclaimed the Resurrection boldly. We will open ourselves to this great gift through our reflection and prayer to experience the joy of God’s life even more fully at the end of these fifty days. 

The Plan of Life

“Exodus 90 gave me the roadmap for how to live a life of virtue beyond just the 90 days.”

Kurt Gibson,

Finalist on The Amazing Race

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