Summer different.

Will you be the King of your Summer?

Summer offers us the most opportunities of time off for rest & relaxation — cloudless days with perfect temperatures, walks in the park with ice cream, campfires with s’mores at night with the family and friends.

Often, however, we look at this time for rest as a break from the invitation the Lord gives us to continue growing in relationship with him. To be clear: there is no “time off” in our relationship with God.

The great spiritual teachers have always affirmed that if we are not moving forwards we will slide backwards. What do we need to do to keep up the spiritual life even during our summer downtime?

What to Expect

Together, we will feast and fast with the universal Church

man praying in a church

Overcome Sloth

Our new Kings of Summer exercise will go on the offensive against the deadly sin of acedia, usually translated as “sloth.”  This spiritual sloth manifests itself as a malaise or listlessness that seeks constant distraction rather than focusing on the duties at hand.

man praying in a church

Defeat Pride

King David provides our model this summer as we look at his own descent into acedia and his eventual reemergence. We will be reading through Second Samuel, looking at how David rests in an unhealthy way after his triumph as king, taking his eye off of the battlefield and his family and turning it where it should not go, toward Bathsheba. This leads to chaos and even rebellion in his own family that eventually wakes him up to the need to engage in battle, both interior and exterior. 

man praying in a church

A Plan of Life

As a community of Exodus Men, we will embrace a common Plan of Life for your summer. We’ll reflect deeply on the life we are called to live individually and supplement this plan with personal habits that keep us moving forward.

Daily Reflections on Second Samuel

Following upon the Easter season, we are striving to maintain our consistent growth in the spiritual life. We will be following King David in his battles, as we continue to fight our own spiritual battles. We will focus on the need for humility in this battle as we embrace our vocation as Christian men. We must conquer sloth and prepare for our own task as leaders for our families and communities.

The Plan of Life

“Exodus 90 gave me the roadmap for how to live a life of virtue beyond just the 90 days.”

Kurt Gibson,

Finalist on The Amazing Race

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Men save $300 on average by joining Exodus membership.

The first 14 days of the Exodus app are free. On Day 15, you can join Exodus+ for $90 / year or Exodus Basic for $10 / month.

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