Seek your Exodus

Are you tired of returning to the same ‘modern Pharaohs’ over and over again — overconsumption of social media, numbing your problems with alcohol, pornography, or binge-watching TV?

Have deeper conversations with God.

You’ll learn to pray every day during Exodus 90, allowing you to be more honest with God. Not sure how? Don’t sweat it, we’ll show you.

Trade your distractions for peace.

With Exodus 90, you’ll return to an ancient tradition of asceticism (an ancient word for “acts of self-denial”).

Go from bros to brothers.

Real friendship is more than who you chill with. Exodus provides you with an ancient roadmap to true brotherhood.

90 days to freedom

Start 2024 with an uncommon 90 days that leads to a year of finding deeper peace and true unity with God.

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Seek your Exodus today:

Follow the story of Moses and the Israelites — while you seek freedom from the Pharaohs holding you back from true happiness and purpose in life.

What are your Pharaohs?


Exodus 90 has been for me the most successful means to align with God’s will because it unites all these various attempts as part and parcel of one another, as one holistic approach. I needed discipline in all areas, not just spiritual, or physical. I venture to suggest that most other programs are treating symptoms; Exodus 90 places Christ at the center and directs our feeble actions to him.


Before Exodus 90, I found myself eating loads of junk food, especially coming off of Thanksgiving and Christmas. During the 90 days, I was able to rid myself of those burdens, and so much more. I know that this experience has changed my life for the better.


Though it seems like a small matter to celebrate, I must joyfully share that I no longer have any personal social media accounts thanks to Exodus 90. I always knew I didn’t want them, but distance from my accounts made me finally accept I didn’t need them, and I deleted them. I have a community of friends to speak, eat, and worship with in the place I live. I don’t need to pretend I should “stay in touch with” 100 “friends” I have never met before in person.


The devil does not stop at trying to sever your relationship with God. I was beginning to see how little time I was devoting to our creator and how that was affecting my actions, life, and family. I was invited to undergo Exodus 90 by some friends at church, and WOW, what an experience that has been. That was the closest to God I have ever been during that time.


Exodus 90 helped me become a better brother in Catholic Fraternity, and a better husband, son, father and grandfather.

Daily Readings

You’ll read a passage from the Book of Exodus each day of Exodus 90.

Daily Check-ins

Let your fraternity know how you’re doing day-to-day.

New Every Day

New readings and reflections auto-populate your home tab each day.

Audio Reflections

Listen to the day’s reflection on your way to work!

Find a Community near you!

Parishes, Newman Centers, Workplaces and other locations serve as a great way to find an Exodus community!

The Bulletin

Announce upcoming fraternity outings and more!

Share With the Community

The Fireside chat serves as a chance to share with the entire community.

Prayer Intentions

Need support? List your prayer intentions here for your brothers to pray with you.

Dark Screen Mode

Use dark screen mode to read the day’s reading and reflection

New Every Day

New readings and reflections auto-populate your home tab each day.

Listen on the App

Press ‘play’ and listen to the reading and reflection on your morning commute!

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Since 2015, more than 100,000 men have found uncommon freedom.


Men who make an exodus report a greater level of freedom than they’ve ever experienced before. That’s bleach-level satisfaction rates, here.


Only 6% of Exodus men report a recurring issue with the overuse of their smartphone after completing Exodus 90.


Men in over 86 countries around the world have made an Exodus. In fact, we’ve translated the Exodus 90 text into multiple languages for 2024. 

Lead your brothers to freedom

Equip yourself with the tools to lead a transformative Exodus 90 fraternity for your brothers — and watch what the Lord does with your ‘yes.’

The Uncommon year

Free for 14 days

The first 14 days of the Exodus app are free. On Day 15, you can join Exodus+ for $90 / year or Exodus Basic for $10 / month.

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$90 / year

(7.50 / Month)

14-day free trial


$10 / month

14-day free trial

Men save $300 on average by joining Exodus membership. Scan here to download now: