Continue your journey toward freedom and formation with the NEW Biblical Series from Exodus.

What’s included?

Your formation continues every day of your life — beyond Exodus 90. The path to the Promised Land is a lifelong journey. Continue with your fraternity through the Biblical Series.


The Biblical Series

Is this just more of Exodus 90?

No. Exodus 90 is about growing in freedom through a challenging ninety-day period of purification. The Biblical Series is about ongoing, realistic, and helpful formation as men of faith each and every day. The ninety days of Exodus are only the beginning. We must continue our pursuit of Jesus Christ and put ourselves in a position to be transformed by him every day.

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Don’t fall back into

old habits. Instead,

keep growing in your faith.

go deeper into Scripture.

follow a clear road map.

remain accountable.

Continue your journey through the Bible with your brothers starting in Genesis and working your way through the book of Acts.

How it works.

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Bible Readings

You will journey through scripture starting with the Book of Genesis, and ending in Acts. Each morning you’ll have a passage from the Bible and a reflection to guide your silent prayer, similar to Exodus 90.

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No cold showers

Don’t worry: you’re done with cold showers. The disciplines included in the Biblical Series is about helping you maintain the progress you made with Exodus 90, but in a sustainable way.

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Continued Fraternity

Your fraternity will remain committed to each other, and to meeting regularly (though it need not be once per week). Work with your fraternity to find the right balance for a continued meeting structure.