Mark Quaranta
Director of Digital Marketing

Cold Showers Really Do Make Better Men, Trust Me

Picture this:

It’s a frosty November morning. The sun is not up. The world is quiet. You crawl out of bed, leaving behind your goose-down comforter and the soft, yet firm memory foam mattress you bought online after your wife dropped not-so-subtle hints.

You grope your way through the darkness to the bathroom. You step into the shower. After a deep breath, you twist the handle. Ice cold water funneled fresh from the Arctic Ocean (or so it feels) blasts your face.

Ah, freedom…

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Wait a minute, what do cold showers have to do with freedom?

Great question.  

As men in 2021, we often get distracted by and attached to worldly comforts and pleasures. By taking cold showers, we start to shift from living foremost for the flesh to living consistent self-mastery for others. And, that’s freedom.

Are warm showers inherently evil? No. Are cold showers difficult? Yes. 

But this sacrifice opens us up to God’s grace and to better serving our wives, children, friends, and communities.

And, that’s noble. That’s the Christian life. 

If you want to start living self-mastery at the service of others, then take the 7-Day Cold Shower Challenge. Available for free in the Exodus 90 app.

For one week, you’ll take cold showers as you pray and reflect on select Scripture passages, connecting the dots between self-mastery, the service of others, and the Christian life.

Start the Cold Shower Challenge here.