James Baxter
Co-Founder / CEO

Without continued commitment, we knew we’d be back where we began

“There is no status quo in the spiritual or moral life. There is either progress or regression. We are always moving (either) backwards or forwards.” – Samuel’s Summit–Day 34 reflection.

Almost one year ago, on Easter Sunday, our fraternity completed Exodus 90. Our brothers and I had never experienced the closeness with God, and with each other, that we felt at that moment, as well as the freedom we found from submitting ourselves to Christ – “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32).    

We decided to take some time to enjoy this achievement, celebrate our hard-won freedom and enjoy a warm shower again! As we did, though, we noticed ourselves subtly slipping over time. Perhaps it began with skipping daily prayer one day or skipping a workout another. We quickly came to the conclusion that without a continued commitment to daily prayer and fasting, without some continued form of asceticism, without our continued commitment to each other as Christian brothers, we would soon find ourselves back where we began.

It was then that we decided to continue with the Exodus Biblical Series. We found them invaluable in maintaining our hard-fought-for freedom and growth as Christian men. Through these exercises, we came to realize that Exodus 90 was not the end of a journey but a beginning. That we are pilgrims on this path walking by the Light of Truth, encouraged by those ahead of us and encouraging those around us. It’s a hard and narrow path, but it is the only path that leads to Life. The Biblical Series is helping us to stay on it.

Viva Cristo Rey!