I left the Seminary. Now what?

It was six years ago, almost to the day, that I left the seminary and drove home to Zionsville, Indiana.

It was six years ago, almost to the day, that I left the seminary and drove home to Zionsville, Indiana.

At the time, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I felt God calling me away from the seminary but calling me to what?

A few years before, a priest mentor of mine had begun meeting with seminarians for faith formation. As the men talked, they realized that even though they had the desire to serve the Lord as priests, they were enslaved by the same vices and addictions that plague many men today. In short, they were not free.

As they continued to meet, they began turning to Jesus Christ more deeply in prayer, detaching from base inclinations through asceticism, and leaning on each other in fraternity. They took as their model the Israelite’s exodus from Egypt, and what they experienced was profound: Freedom.

Though these men were seminarians, it was quickly apparent that all men in the Church — husbands, fathers, and single men — need this greater freedom.

It was on that day in 2015 that my priest mentor asked me to take this powerful spiritual exercise beyond the walls of the seminary.

And thus, Exodus 90 was born.

What started as a group of six men has evolved into a powerful 90-day spiritual exercise that reaches men in more than 65 countries, freeing over 50,000 bishops, priests, and laymen from enslavement. Through a regimen of daily prayer, asceticism, and fraternity, Exodus 90 summons men back to the foundations of their faith, stripping them of worldly attachments and reinvigorating their devotion to Jesus Christ.

Every year, thousands of men make an exodus from slavery to freedom in Christ. The impact is humbling: 99% of men report experience greater freedom. 99%.

As we’re gearing up for our annual Exodus that ends on Easter Sunday, I invite you to join us.

You don’t have to make a final decision now, but pray on it. You can preview Exodus 90 for free here.

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