Rich Loesing
Exodus Man

Sharing the Freedom

After seeing the spiritual and personal transformation that Exodus 90 facilitated in my own life, it was a gift I wanted to share with other men. I quickly understood that Exodus was not only a program that would challenge men and benefit them, but it was one they truly needed to become who God has called them to be.

When it came to putting that into action, there needed to be more support in helping men see the benefits of doing something like Exodus 90! There are always one or two disciplines each man becomes fixated on as he’s considering it. Whether they are worried about cold showers, giving up TV, or spending an hour each day in prayer, there’s usually at least one fear that prevents them from diving in head first. And that little devil on their shoulder can be quite convincing! 

But I lean into the optimism I experienced in my first Exodus: you can do it (not perfectly, of course, but that’s not the point)! Disciplines you’re hesitant about could likely become the best part of your journey. Things you didn’t even know about yourself will come to light. 

If you take three months to invest in yourself and your relationship with God, the results will amaze you.

As I continued to bring more men into Exodus 90, I realized how much I desired and needed male fellowship in my own life. Every man carries his own cross, has his own gifts, and is on his own path. There is a lot that I can teach other men, but even more that I can learn from them. My calling is to serve as both a teacher and a pupil constantly. 

My relationship with the Lord has greatly matured since my first Exodus 90 experience three years ago. I make more time for prayer in my daily routine and am more centered and present when I place myself before the Lord. And even though I still struggle with certain habits and disciplines, I better understand why those things please God and must remain in my life.

Rich Loesing is Vice President of Advancement at the USC Caruso Catholic Center in Los Angeles. He’s pictured above (far left) with college men and fraternity brothers.