Week 8 Action Items

1. Pray About How God Wants You To Lead

The battle against idolatry frees us to worship God and lead other men to him. We can only conquer through God’s grace and with the help of other men. We know that men desperately need greater freedom and to root their lives more firmly in the worship of God.

Pray about the unique way God wants you to lead other men. Bring this to him during your holy hour.

Who can you call to join the battle? How can you help other men in your fraternity? We are shifting this week to focus on these questions more explicitly, starting on day 56.

2. Invite Men to Join the Battle During Advent and Exodus 90

The Maccabees rallied men together to fight against a clear threat. Battles of Autumn helped us to identify the ways idolatry lingers in our culture and how can we fight back against it. The battle continues and we know other men to join in.

Invite men to join you for Advent and for our central exercise for the year, Exodus 90, which starts January 1st. 

3. Give Thanks to God

We take time for Thanksgiving each year, a truly blessed time with family. Who should we thank? We know that every good thing comes from God and it is right and just to thank him for all that we have received.

As you gather with family, explicitly thank God so that the day can truly serve its purpose. Go to church as a family so that the meal can extend the thanksgiving of the Eucharist, giving it deeper meaning. 

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