Careers at Exodus

An Uncommon Mission


We exist to share the uncommon freedom of Jesus Christ with men so that they can become who they are. We accomplish that through our spiritual exercises on the Exodus app that help men to live different from the world.

The mission of our company is the foundation for how we run it. We believe that your job should support your vocation and not the other way around.

Exodus is a ministry called forth by God. And Exodus is a performance-based startup. Both realities meet in the work experience at Exodus. We started from nothing a few years ago; that we have reached over 100,000 men in over 70 countries in only a short time fills us with gratitude and awe. And we work very hard and passionately to fulfill our part in God’s plan for the company.

We don’t dream of growing at all costs or selling the company for multiples. Instead, we want to create a place that fulfills a Catholic vision of work for those of us who are called to work here. Here’s what that means to us: that the Church and the family are the primary institutions over and above work; that compensation to market for a job well done is a matter of justice; that a peaceful while ambitious work environment is essential to a meaningful work experience; and that our employee’s crafts, skills, and natural abilities make a direct impact upon our mission.



Our jobs are remote. You’re free to work where you work best, but we’re only considering candidates based in the United States at this time. Travel will not be a critical element to this job, but you are expected to join our team for bi-annual meetups (our Annual Meeting in the Spring & our Annual Retreat in the Fall), where we get our full-time team together in one place every so often.

Are you or an Exodus brother a good fit for Exodus?

There are currently no open positions.