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Help your men live holier lives

Exodus 90 has been transformational for tens of thousands of men in parishes all over the world. In fact, the majority of men who take on the Exodus 90 journey do so in the context of their faith community.

Free Digital Tools

Social Media Graphics

Use these graphics to promote Exodus 90 on your parish Facebook page, website, digital bulletin, and more.

Sample Letter From Pastor

Use this draft letter from a pastor for your pastor to consider sending to the men in your parish!

Tee-Shirt Design

Print your own Exodus 90 shirts and share with men in your parish!

Bulletin Ads

This pack of versatile bulletin ads can help you share the benefits of Exodus 90 each week, leading up to the 2022 Exodus.

Email Templates

Use these emails to send directly to the men in your parish as they consider taking on Exodus 90.

Printable Bulletin Flier

Use this two-sided bulletin flier to promote Exodus 90 during the Christmas Masses — and stand out with a true offer for men coming to Mass for the first time (since Easter).

Promo Videos

These viral videos have been seen by over 4 million men in the US and around the world. Use these to help spread the word about Exodus in your parish!


Share these funny takes on the Exodus 90 journey with men in your parish. 

Free Print Materials

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Business Card Fliers

These small 3.5x2in cards are perfect to pass out to fraternity leaders to easily share with men they’re inviting to take on Exodus 90. The simple copy and messaging mirrors that of the Tri-Fold brochure, but in a more simplified way — making it quick and easy to read and find out how to learn more.

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Tri-fold Handouts

These are ideal for sharing the vision of Exodus 90 with men who are interested in learning more. The content of the brochure breaks down the three parts of the program, but more importantly: this brochure helps men understand the benefits of taking on the Exodus journey.

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Training Workshop for Fraternity Leaders

Watch Now!


The Exodus Fraternity Leader Virtual Training was created to serve Exodus men across the world, helping them to become more effective fraternity leaders. When men become better leaders, our communities change. This event will give your leaders more confidence and clarity in leading their brothers through the 90 days to Easter.


Parish Leader Webinar Series

Free to register for the Three-Part Series!

Join Exodus men and church leaders from around the country to hear about best practices at sharing Exodus 90 with more men in your parish.

Tailgate Tour

Bring the Exodus RV to your Parish!

    The Tailgate Tour was designed to be a ‘different’ type of event that men in parishes, on campuses, and other communities don’t typically get invited to. We know attracting men to a ‘church event’ is not particularly easy. The Tailgate Tour seeks to minimize that obstacle.

      “What impressed me most was the

      simplicity of the program. Exodus was so good that I’ll get a group of my parishioners to do it every year!”

        Fr. Kyle Kowalczyk

        Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

          “After 90 days, men experience true freedom. I have seen this fruit with my own eyes.

          Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades

          Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

          Imprimatur given 2019