Reach the men in your community

Empower them to become leaders in the faith

The Tailgate Tour was designed to be a different type of event that men in parishes, on campus, and other communities don’t typically get invited to. We know attracting men to a ‘church event’ is not particularly easy. The Tailgate Tour seeks to minimize that obstacle.

Tailgate Events Work

Tailgate Event

Let us come tailgate at a local NFL game, college football Saturday, your son’s tee-ball tournament, church league softball game, or just a random weekend afternoon!

An Exodus Tailgate is about encountering and engaging the men of your community with a fun and laid-back fraternal environment. This simple event is accessible event for both new men and men on the fringes.

Formation Night

Our Formation Night is an impactful tailgate-themed speaking event that focuses on meeting men where they are and then introducing them to truth. This event is usually a night with good social time and great craft beer. However, dry solutions such as organizing a corn hole tournament before the talk can work great as well. The event and its details are completely at the discretion and creativity of the event host, and could be inside or outside. Evaluate what will work best for your men. The details of the talk are below.

Leader Training

The more formation we receive, the stronger leaders we become. This fraternity leader training is all about taking current, former, and even prospective fraternity leaders in your community and bringing them to the next level. We will share the vision of missionary discipleship and building an understanding that our faith is not meant to be our own. We’ll equip your men with skills and tips to becoming effective fraternity leaders. And lastly, we’ll send them out with practical next steps to living out Christ’s mission for them in their community, whatever that might be. If you are looking to spiritual multiply in your community in an effective, attainable, and sustainable way, then host a Fraternity Leader Training.

“Exodus 90’s Tailgate Tour is a seriously brilliant way to engage the men in your community.”

Theresa Civantos Barber,

the speaker

Nathaniel Binversie

Director of Mission, Exodus

When you book an Exodus Event, Exodus will send Nathaniel Binversie to engage the men of your community. Best known for his work in developing the road map for the Exodus Biblical Series and re-writing The Exodus 90 Spiritual Exercise, Nathaniel is an author, editor, podcaster and international speaker. His most recent stops have included Ireland, Poland, and Slovakia. Nathaniel sees family as an integral part of mission today. For that reason, he travels to his events with his missionary family. Like him, his wife Sherry and daughters Lucia and Annie are filled with joy and alive in mission. They’ll be no shortage of energy and engagement at your event with the Binversies as your guests.




Live Different is made to be a profound and effective overview on living the immersed Christian life, with enough practicals to move men into action today.

This talk sheds light on the difficult and selfless life the Lord commands us to live through both the old and the new testament, the Christian life. It gives an overview of a life of personal prayer, self-sacrifice, and real fraternity. Though we believe in the effectiveness of making an Exodus through one of the many Exodus spiritual exercises, this talk is not an advertisement. Taking up Exodus spiritual exercises is optional, living a life of prayer, self-sacrifice, and fraternity is not.  For that reason, Live Different not only points to Exodus spiritual exercises as a way to live this out, but it also provides men with alternative practical examples and steps to Live Different as well.

Bring the tour to your city!

Tour Specifics


All events are a single flat rate with all expenses, mileage, and any additional fees included. The event rate is $2,500 for the first event. Additional events in the same time frame are 50% off.

What Exodus Provides

To put it simply we bring the hype, promo materials, and the speaker, the rest is yours to make of your event whatever is best for your community. We want to see your event succeed. Beyond that, the creativity and investment of time and resources that you put into your Exodus Event, is up to you. You are the host working for the salvation of souls. You know the needs of the men of your community best. We will provide our expertise in partnership with yours.

What You Provide

Besides the cost for bringing us in to partner with you, what you provide your men is completely up to you. But this is your event and thus no recommendations are mandatory.

For example, if you choose to host a Tailgate event, we suggest that you provide a variety of beer to the men at your event. However, if you prefer a dry event or if your community simply loves Silver Bullets, then host a fancy cheese party or provide as many cases of Coors Light as is necessary. You know your community and your budget best. When it comes to partnering with you for this event, we’ll cover our area of expertise and leave the local details up to you.

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