Called to Lead?

Should you

lead a fraternity?

Men today are in desperate need of an Exodus. Not just 90 days, but a full-on period of freedom and formation to conform our lives onto Jesus Christ himself.

But who is going to step up and lead the men of your community? Maybe you? Maybe not?

For 7 days, you will receive a scripture and reflection to aid you in answering this question. You can check it out here.

During the 7 days

What you’ll do during the challenge:


    • Twenty Minutes of silent prayer, daily
    • Cold Showers

    Fisher of Men

    You will learn more about what it means to make an Exodus and how Exodus content was created with the leader in mind. You will also take up cold showers and 20 minutes of silent prayer each day to give you the physical clarity and mental space you need to best hear the will of God for your life. Men need an Exodus, and that Exodus just might be led through you.