Join Our Marian Consecration

Sunday, April 28, 2024 thousands of men will be consecrating themsevles to Jesus through Mary. This consecration can serve as a rallying cry to men to step up to face our spiritual crisis. There is much we can do for the renewal of the Church and society, but it must begin in prayer.

Easter 50

Have deeper conversations with God.

You’ll learn to pray every day during Lent, allowing you to be more honest with God. Not sure how? Don’t sweat it, we’ll show you.

Trade your distractions for peace.

With Lent by Exodus, you’ll return to an ancient tradition of asceticism (an ancient word for “acts of self-denial”).

Go from bros to brothers.

Exodus provides you with an ancient roadmap to true brotherhood. Plus the new Community Tab allows you to start and find groups of fraternities near you.

You have built virtuous habits through Exodus 90 and Lent with Exodus. Now join us as we build a plan. Easter 50 includes Life After Exodus 90 with Jake Khym, new Stories of Freedom, continuing to follow Fr. Benedict, Rob, and his fraternity from Teach Me to Pray, and more! 

Sunday, April 28, 2024: Join us for our Marian Consecration

April 28 is the feast of St. Louis de Montfort, the perfect day to begin a traditional 33 day consecration preparation. The men will be following Fr. Boniface Hicks’ program, Fruit of Her Womb: 33 Day Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus, published by Sophia Institute, which will be available on the Exodus 90 App.

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Since 2015, more than 100,000 men have found uncommon freedom.


Men who make an exodus report a greater level of freedom than they’ve ever experienced before. That’s bleach-level satisfaction rates, here.


Only 6% of Exodus men report a recurring issue with the overuse of their smartphone after completing Exodus 90.


Men in over 86 countries around the world have made an Exodus. In fact, we’ve translated the Exodus 90 text into multiple languages for 2024. 

Daily Readings

You’ll read a passage from the Book of Exodus each day of Exodus 90.

Daily Check-ins

Let your fraternity know how you’re doing day-to-day.

New Every Day

New readings and reflections auto-populate your home tab each day.

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Listen to the day’s reflection on your way to work!

Find a Community near you!

Parishes, Newman Centers, Workplaces and other locations serve as a great way to find an Exodus community!

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Announce upcoming fraternity outings and more!

Share With the Community

The Fireside chat serves as a chance to share with the entire community.

Prayer Intentions

Need support? List your prayer intentions here for your brothers to pray with you.

Dark Screen Mode

Use dark screen mode to read the day’s reading and reflection

New Every Day

New readings and reflections auto-populate your home tab each day.

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Press ‘play’ and listen to the reading and reflection on your morning commute!

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Lead your brothers to freedom

Equip yourself with the tools to lead a transformative Exodus 90 fraternity for your brothers — and watch what the Lord does with your ‘yes.’

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