About Exodus 90

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The Purpose

The goal of Exodus is to achieve the freedom necessary to fully engage the love of God and the love of neighbor. Exodus is based on a challenging 90-day period of purification, a dying to self, which is supported by a fraternity of like-minded men for greater interior freedom and, eventually, a more purified and selfless love.

The experience is designed for all men, but is particularly effective for:

  • Men discerning a vocation
  • Men preparing for marriage
  • Men struggling with an addiction of any kind

Most importantly Exodus is for men who have difficulty finding God and desire to radically unite himself to his Heavenly Father. Exodus is not a program of penance and self-abasement. It is a program for men who seek, together, to strive for more-perfect FREEDOM. This is the cornerstone of the exercise and much will be lost if that is forgotten.

“And behold, two men talked with him, Moses and Elijah, who appeared in glory and spoke of his EXODUS, which he was to accomplish at Jerusalem [where he was to suffer]” (Luke 9:30-31)

The Origin

The Exodus mission was developed at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary by young men who, having been raised in an over-sexualized society, longed for a more perfect personal freedom as they anticipated service in the Church.  These were good men, men who had already decided that, in response to God’s call, they would give themselves entirely to the work and ministry of the Church.

Exodus has been piloted by several groups of men over the last two years. Results have been extraordinary. Here are some early testimonials:

“Clear eyes, pure hearts, can’t lose. For real: Freedom is possible; Exodus provides clarity of the mind, heart, and soul; Exodus gives a foundation for a pure life; you see the world with new eyes; One comes to have a deeper appreciation for creation and one’s place in it; One rediscovers the fullness of one’s senses.”
“Exodus: path to freedom, increase in fraternity, learning how to carry your cross and embrace the penance, suffering together, rejoicing in the success of each other, intense deepening of prayer life. Totally worth it!”
“In order to battle pornography, be detached from the world, grow in holiness/sanctity, love more fully, and have more meaningful relationships, you need freedom.  There is no mystery about how to grow in freedom, but it is difficult and only begins by paradoxically surrendering to God.  In Exodus, you grow in freedom by: increasing your will through acts of self-denial and penance, increasing your prayer which is necessary to be disposed to the graces to accomplish this work of God within you, detaching from things of the world through a sort of “dark night of the senses”, relying upon others and ultimately God through prayer and fraternity, allowing oneself to be filled by the love of God by emptying oneself of love of every worldly thing, and exposing the world for what it is: thy ship and not thy home.”

What Can I Expect to Give Up During Exodus?

Exodus has three pillars: prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. All three together lead to freedom. There’s nothing flashy about this; all we’re trying to do is re-present the Catholic tradition to men who are often unaware of the rich heritage they have received.

I) Fraternity: The Exodus fraternity consists of 3-5 men and a spiritual director. These fraternities are flesh-and-blood fraternities; not online. You make your team from men you know and that are near to you. Ask a priest or other wiser man to guide your fraternity. These fraternities are to meet 3 times/week for no more than 30 minutes. Minimum: 1 meeting/week. These are an opportunity for the men to give a self-report for accountability, to receive encouragement from the brothers, and wisdom from the mentor.

II) Prayer: Each man is to commit to a holy hour each day. Minimum: 20 minutes. Where possible this is to take place with the other brothers of the Exodus fraternity.

III) Asceticism: cold-lukewarm/short showers; no alcohol; no desserts & sweets; no eating between meals; no soda or sweetened drinks; no television or movies (without permission of group); only music that lifts the soul to God; no televised sports (without permission of group); computer for school/work ONLY; regular and intense exercise; group holy hour & meetings; no major material purchases (beyond toiletries, etc., without permission of group); and seven hours of sleep each night is essential.

All of the above is to be adapted to each man’s particular circumstances. Some things may not be possible. That stated: this is supposed to be demanding. But to be free in a world that enslaves us takes both grace and hard work. Exodus 90 provides that opportunity for the men who choose to undertake it. We acknowledge that it’s not for everyone.

How Do I Start Exodus?

To get started, click the “Get Started” tab. Purchase and download the Exodus Guide (.pdf). A welcome / starter email will be sent to your inbox. After completing the 5 Steps to Accomplishing Exodus (below), click the “Start Exodus” button found on your welcome / starter email. Be sure that each man in your fraternity initiates Exodus on the same day so that your team is in sync. Upon clicking, you will be automatically enrolled in 90 days of inspirational emails that take you through the biblical book of Exodus. These emails offer you a reflection with corresponding tasks to accomplish. They are meant to keep you focused as you accomplish your Exodus.

5 Steps to Accomplishing Exodus:

  1. Create a band of brothers to join you on your journey
  2. Plan and prioritize weekly meetings. In person preferred, but digital meetings work as well.
  3. Find an accountability partner within your Exodus fraternity
  4. If possible, pursue communicating with a priest or other mentor to act as an occasional spiritual director for your Exodus fraternity
  5. Adapt your daily schedule to the Exodus regimen, read and reflect on the daily emails received through the purchase of the Exodus program.

[Visit our Fraternal Support Center for frequently asked questions about Exodus 90.]