How to: Holy Hour

A holy hour is time set apart for God.

It’s not time to just talk at him or sit in church making a mental grocery list. It’s time to build a relationship with him. Time to speak, and time to listen.

Whether you want to pray a daily holy hour or hit Wednesday adoration, this guide is for you. Inside, you’ll find a simple breakdown that shows you how to structure your time with the Lord.

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Why a Holy Hour?


There are many reasons why you’d want to pray a holy hour, but we think of it like this:

In order to follow God, we must first come to know him, form a relationship with him, and learn to trust in him. This means that we need to spend time with him. We need to speak to him, and importantly we need to learn to listen to him.

That last bit is key. So often in our prayer, we forget to listen. We say our piece and then move on. Is sitting in silence and listening to the Lord easy? No. It’s quite challenging.

But, God will provide the grace for you if you show up to prayer each day, willing to receive it.

This guide is designed to help you show up and open yourself to Christ. Click below to get started.