You need brothers.

And, they need you.

Exodus 90 without fraternity is not actually Exodus 90. It’s just a hard, lonely, grog through 90 days. The true power of going down this road is in following the witness of Christ — who journeyed with 12 of his friends. 
So, who will you invite?

5 Steps to Invite

Exodus 90 isn’t ‘fun’. It’s a challenge. To help encourage your friends to join you, try these steps:

man praying in a church

Name Names

The first step is asking God who you should invite. Who are the men in your life who would benefit from Exodus 90 this year? Start praying for those men by name, every day.

man praying in a church

Pray + Fast

Pray and fast for the men you wrote down in step one. Offer cold showers for them. They need this 90 days. And they need you to help them get there. Do your part.

man praying in a church

Make the Pitch

Send a link to, our new 90-second video, or Fr. Mike’s Message to Catholic Men. Prime the pump. Get them intrigued. Don’t force an reply yet. 

man praying in a church

Be a witness

Men respond to a true witness. How are you showing your ability to be humble, generous, and disciplined. Show what happens to men by doing Exodus 90 by modeling it yourself.

man praying in a church

Make the Ask

Be clear and direct, and if possible, eye-to-eye. The key to a personal invitation is in the term itself: personal. It’s not a mass text. It’s not a text at all. It’s a humble, face to face invitation to live different — to live better.

Training Workshop for Fraternity Leaders

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The Exodus Fraternity Leader Virtual Training was created to serve Exodus men across the world, helping them to become more effective fraternity leaders. When men become better leaders, our communities change. This event will give your leaders more confidence and clarity in leading their brothers through the 90 days to Easter.


Free Digital Tools

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Use these graphics to promote Exodus 90 on your parish Facebook page, website, digital bulletin, and more.

Promo Videos

These viral videos have been seen by over 4 million men in the US and around the world. Use these to help spread the word about Exodus in your parish!


Share these funny takes on the Exodus 90 journey with men in your parish. 

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“Exodus 90 gave me a roadmap for how to live a life of virtue beyond just the 90 days.”

Kurt Gibson,

Finalist on The Amazing Race