“I felt like I got
my husband back.”

Hi, I’m Kara, Matt’s wife.

Matt did Exodus 90 a year ago or so. I wasn’t so sure at first how this would affect our family life. As a wife, I immediately rushed to the temptation that this would have a negative impact on us (now I have to figure out what foods he can/can’t eat; now I can’t watch TV with him; and so on).

Boy, was I wrong. Exodus 90 was incredibly fruitful not only for my husband but of course, our entire family.

I felt like I got my husband back.

In lieu of distractions and a devotion to sacrifice, he was more engaging with the family. Impromptu card games and deep chats by the fire became a much appreciated norm. 

In the dead of winter, he was **bathing in a developed world that has running hot water and he was CHOOSING the cold water**!! Inspired, yes, that’s a good word for it. Only the Good Lord being involved in this does this thing work. 

During Exodus 90, my husband was living a different life. It made us all want to live a different life. Well actually just me, his wife…but I’m sure our 2-year-old felt all the good feels about it as well.

Exodus 90 changed the man, and in turn, it changed our family. A virtuous human inspires other virtuous humans. We need true inspiration these days. 

If you’re on the fence about taking on the journey of Exodus this year, take it from me: your wife (or girlfriend, or even future wife) will be so grateful you did.


Matt’s wife

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