New Year,

NEW Exodus!

New Year,

NEW Exodus!

This isn’t the same Exodus you remember from years past. This year of uncommon freedom with Exodus includes:

  • ALL NEW reflections for each day of the year!
  • NEW: the daily reflections are available to listen to via audio to make it easier for you to gain the formation you need during the 90 days!
  • NEW: We’re introducing a new component to our 90 days — a Spiritual Guide to offer weekly insights, formation, and support. Meet Fr. Boniface here.
  • NEW: Our Community tab will help you build, find, and grow your local Exodus community of men in your area!

What to Expect in 2024:

What is Prayer?

Here’s what to expect during the 90 days.

What is Asceticism?

And what it looks like during Exodus 90.

What is fraternity?

Why does it matter for Exodus 90?

What is freedom?

It’s more than hot dogs and fireworks.

Why join?

Saint Dominic once said, “A man who governs his passions is master of the world. We must either rule them or be ruled by them.”

If we’re ruled by our ‘modern Pharaohs,’ how can we truly be free to become the men God made us to be? Exodus 90 gives you the tools to take control of your life and find deeper unity with God — and a brotherhood of men on the same path.

Story of Freedom: Meet Jelani Akil

Before I did Exodus, I wasn’t living my faith how I knew I should be living my faith. I first heard about Exodus from a really good friend and an old college teammate. He said, “hey, I heard about this thing . . .” 

When Matt Fradd did Exodus 90

I’ve been a Christian since I was 17. I first heard about Exodus 90 when I was 33 and then did it with a group of friends. I first heard about Exodus way back in the day, and it was just this thing on the peripheries.

Meet the New ‘Voice’ of Exodus

We’re proud to be partnering with voice over artist, Jonah Martin, to bring you a warm, resonant audio experience with each day’s readings and reflections during Exodus 90, starting January 1, 2024.

Free Tools to Invite Friends

Urinal Fliers

No better way to get in front of a captive audience than when they’re standing at the urinal.


Let’s not take ourselves so seriously, here, guys. Enjoy yourself as you promote Exodus 90 locally.

Social Media Graphics

Leverage these on your personal and your church and school social channels!


Share testimony videos from our YouTube page, as well as other promotional videos we have compiled in this playlist for you!

Free for 14 days

The first 14 days of the Exodus app are free. On Day 15, you can join Exodus+ for $90 / year or Exodus Basic for $10 / month. 

Men save $300 on average by joining Exodus membership. Scan here to download now:

Men save $300 on average by joining Exodus membership.

The first 14 days of the Exodus app are free. On Day 15, you can join Exodus+ for $90 / year or Exodus Basic for $10 / month.

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