What is Fraternity?

So many men are isolated and alone today, and in that place we are susceptible to the whims, temptations, and empty show of the devil.

Many men have buddies with whom they can watch sports and drink beer, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But we also need to have brothers who know who we are, what we are going through, and to whom we can be accountable.

During Exodus 90, you will meet once a week with 5-7 men. One of the men in your fraternity will be your anchor, and you will check-in with him each day. Prioritizing Christian brotherhood, especially for married men in the hustle of work and family life, is challenging. But that time is essential. You’ll invite other men you know to form your Exodus fraternity. If you need help finding a fraternity, check out the Community tab on the Exodus app where you can see local fraternities near you, or you can join a remote fraternity on the app as well.

Exodus fraternities are one of the few places in the entire world where men can be open and honest with each other. It’s not about what you know, what you have accomplished, or how you’ve got it all together. Exodus fraternities are meant to be the absolute opposite of this worldly perspective of masculinity, a place to be real about the struggles we all experience.

What do you talk about in your fraternity meeting? We have crafted a unique meeting guide to support your conversation each week of Exodus 90, and also for every week the rest of the year beyond the 90.

Admittedly, the first few weeks will be awkward, and that’s completely normal. Hang in there, and commit to your weekly fraternity meeting and daily check-in with your anchor. When it’s time for you to share, the most important thing is how you are actually doing. Where are you? What’s really going on underneath the surface? How do you believe God is at work in your life? What’s an idol that you need to bring forth so that your brothers can support and encourage you in your journey to freedom?

Conversations exclusively focused on the ascetic disciplines of Exodus 90 are shallow. Asceticism is important, but these conversations should become deeper, focusing on the really important things in life.

Your anchor check-ins each day can be brief, and the check-in feature in the Exodus app makes it easy. Be a good anchor, and your anchor will step up and be a good anchor for you. If you notice that a brother may need something more from you, give him a call.

It is never too late to invite a man into your fraternity. As you start, there may be men who want to join, especially in the first few weeks of Exodus 90 or at the start of Lent next month.

Please pray about who you should invite, and when the Holy Spirit prompts you to invite a man that surprises you, please do not say “no.” Exodus fraternities are not places for perfect Catholic or Christian men. Because none of us are. Invite the man that God places on your heart, whether he practices the faith or not. You will get “noes,” but you will be shocked by who says “yes.” Exodus can change the trajectories of lives, and because the influence of a virtuous man is so powerful, you are altering the course of history and making an eternal impact that you cannot possibly comprehend in this life when you do. Please, say “no” for no one, and invite the man that God places on your heart.

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Men save $300 on average by joining Exodus membership.

The first 14 days of the Exodus app are free. On Day 15, you can join Exodus+ for $90 / year or Exodus Basic for $10 / month.

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