Parish Downloads

Social Media Graphics

Use these graphics to promote Exodus 90 on your parish Facebook page, website, digital bulletin, and more.

Sample Letter From Pastor

Use this draft letter from a pastor for your pastor to consider sending to the men in your parish!

Tee-Shirt Designs

Choose from any of these designs and print locally to save on costs!

Bulletin Ads

This pack of versatile bulletin ads can help you share the benefits of Exodus 90 each week, leading up to the 2022 Exodus.

Billboard Design

Want to really make a splash in your community? Use this billboard design and purchase space on a nearby billboard for a month or two leading up to the 2022 Exodus!

Promo Videos

These viral videos have been seen by over 4 million men in the US and around the world. Use these to help spread the word about Exodus in your parish!