Exodus 90 Downloads

Urinal Fliers

No better way to get in front of a captive audience than when they’re standing at the urinal.


Let’s not take ourselves so seriously, here, guys. Enjoy yourself as you promote Exodus 90 locally.

Bulletin Ads

Forward these to your church secretary or communications director to include in the weekly bulletin to help increase the visibility of Exodus 90 in your community!

Radio Ads

Share these mp3 files with your local Catholic radio station to help increase awareness of Exodus 90 in your local diocese and region!

Social Media Graphics

Leverage these on your personal and your church and school social channels!


Share testimony videos from our YouTube page, as well as other promotional videos we have compiled in this playlist for you!

Tee-Shirt Graphic

Download this tee shirt design and make your own local tees to help attract men to join you for Exodus 90!

The Last Donut

Here’s a quick and easy way to ring in the end of 2023 by hosting Donut Sunday at your parish on Dec. 31 and promote Exodus 90 at the same time!