5 Things To Do This Weekend With Friends

Christ is risen! Now that the Easter season has finally arrived, many of us are looking for ways to celebrate and stretch the festive atmosphere as far as possible. There are countless activities you can do with your fraternity brothers, friends, or family to enjoy the brightness of the Easter Octave. 

1. Go for a Hike!

While the spiritual mood has certainly become warm and bright – for many of us the weather has as well! Get outside! Enjoy creation and reflect on how even nature has been redeemed by Christ. Double down on this and pack a picnic, bring outdoor games, a cooler with beverage(s) of your choice, and more. Find a nearby state or county park, or plan a day trip to a state park you haven’t been to before. There’s a lot to discover in this big and beautiful world!

2. Catch a movie!

During Exodus 90, we gave up a lot of screen time. Without indulging (i.e., binging), get a group together to enjoy something on the big screen. Afterwards, go out to eat and discuss what you watched. No good choices near you? Visit your local Blockbuster and find a classic to enjoy. Ok, kidding. Though, inviting friends over for a classic movie is no bad idea, either.

3. Plan a game night!

Invite your friends to your place and host them for a night of fun! Grab some board games, card games, maybe even video games and have a blast! Don’t forget to stock up on snacks, preferably everything you fasted from during Exodus 90/Lent. 

4. Axe Throwing!

This one speaks for itself . . . c’mon – who doesn’t love hanging out with friends and throwing sharp objects? Plus, the downtime in between turns is great for laughter and catching up. Throw some appetizers and drinks in the mix, and you’ve got the perfect night out. 

5. Escape Room!

Want to build stronger connections with your friends? We suggest the trauma bond of being trapped in a room together, forced to find a way out! Seriously, though, escape rooms are a ton of fun – plenty of themes to choose from – and are always easily paired with any of the activities mentioned above. 

Don’t let the Easter season slip by without spending time with friends. Don’t forget, it’s time to celebrate different – you can catch up on today’s reading and reflection from the Easter season on the Exodus app now.