A Story of Freedom: Michael Patrick

I would encourage any man to do this, and not even just any Catholic man, honestly. This is for any man who wants to grow and evolve and be better, who's looking to find better relationships with other men and

I’m a recent convert. I was baptized at the Easter Vigil in 2021 and started really exploring the Catholic faith in the summer of 2020. I’m sure you remember that was Kind of a tense time. And with everything that was going on, I wasn’t in the best place. I certainly wasn’t taking the best care of myself and didn’t feel like I was the husband that I needed to be or the father that I needed to be for my kids.

I’d been exploring a lot of other religions, different traditions, looking for God, looking for peace  and to have an actual relationship with him.  My friend is a Catholic and we were driving home one day and he had a rosary hanging from his rear view mirror. I asked about it and something about it just called out to me. He started telling me a little bit about it and then was like, “hey, you want one?”

He reached into his center console and tossed me a spare that he just happened to have. It spoke to me. There was something about it that I knew I had to explore more. I started praying the rosary. Again, I knew very little about the Catholic church at the time, but I knew that I was finding peace in this and it immediately resonated with me. 

So I started to develop this program of sorts, a daily lifestyle. That would draw me further into the faith and further into a relationship with God. I was telling a friend about what I was doing.  I said, man, I’m feeling really good about this. And this friend said, “Hey, that sounds a lot like Exodus 90.”

I’d never heard of that before.  I said, what’s that all about? And immediately looked it up. Later in 2021, I mentioned Exodus 90 to my priest. He said, “yeah, it sounds like a great idea.”  And then right into that, right at the beginning of the year, right before the exodus started,  we started getting flooded with calls and emails from guys that were interested in what we were doing. We had 54 guys signed up and ready to go. 

I agreed to do Exodus 90 because I liked the idea of the challenge. Exodus kind of breaks you down a little bit and it shows you where the cracks are in your armor. What some of the things you need to work on the most are.  The disciplines and the asceticism run such a gamut across a wide range of the challenges that we face as men.

And there’s going to be certain ones that  are really easy cause that’s not your particular issue, but  you’ll find the ones that are.  After we got through with our first exodus, we realized that we had started something really special. We had built something here. The bonds and the camaraderie that men build when they go through something challenging together, when they go through a rite of passage together, are unique.

Men need the accountability that they get from other men. We need brothers. It’s essential. It can’t be ignored.  That’s been hugely beneficial and something that has definitely benefited me a lot since forming this fraternity. These men have become some of my best friends. I definitely saw a change in my relationship with my wife, where she’s been very supportive of my conversion and of my involvement in the church and in my faith. I think one of the main reasons for that is because she can see the change in me.

 I would encourage any man to do this, and not even just any Catholic man, honestly. This is for any man who wants to grow and evolve and be better, who’s looking to find better relationships with other men and improve the relationships that he has in his life with his partner, with his family, could absolutely benefit from Exodus 90.

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