Check In on the Exodus App!

When we first launched the Exodus app back in 2019, one of the flagship features was the Daily Check-In. Well, due to popular demand, it’s back! As we build a culture of vulnerability and honesty amongst Exodus Men, we wanted to provide an easy means of giving your brothers an update. Now, right from the app’s Home Tab, you can set your status each day. Are you doing well, indifferently, struggling? Keep track of trends in your spiritual well-being with the journaling feature. 

If you so choose, your fraternity can be notified right in the chat function of how you’re doing, but you can also keep your reflections private. A subtle, but helpful, feature is the ring around your profile picture will reflect your check in: red, yellow, or green. Even if you don’t submit specific prayer requests in the notes for the day, a quick glance will tell your brothers how to pray for you. 

Why do we love this update so much? It creates space for men to lean in and creatively reflect on each day – not only the readings & reflections provided, but also the inner movements of the spirit. When are you most attentive to God? When are you distant? How are you seeing Him move in your family, your friendships, your work? 

Hop into the app and check in now!