Dad’s Back-to-School List

Back-to-School season is upon us! Check out these 5 things that should be on every Dad's list.

Back to school season is upon us! Check out these 5 things that should be on every dad’s list:

  • Do you know what your kids will be learning in school? These days, you cannot take anything for granted. Whether it is a public, charter, or private school, do you know if your kids will be learning things harmful to their proper spiritual, intellectual, and emotional formation? 
  • How are your kids learning the faith? If they are not receiving a proper Catholic education in school, how are you supplementing? Even if they receive one hour of formation at the parish a week, how can you help them to know their faith, be ready to answer objections, and learn how to pray? 
  • Where do sports fit into your family’s schedule? Are they eating up too much time and becoming too much of a priority? Are they situated within the overall formation you are offering your children? Does the faith come before athletic success?
  • How are you monitoring your children’s access to technology? Do you have parental controls and filters in place? Do you have technology-free times? Do you monitor their internet time? Do you limit what they can watch and how many video games they can play?
  • Do you have family time scheduled each week? With everything else going on, when do you have time just for your family to be together? Schedule time for prayer, games, hikes, family reading time, etc. Schedule some Dad time with each of your kids as well.

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