God’s Plan vs Satan’s Plan

You live close to the sacraments. You never miss mass. You have a prayer life, you get rid of sin out of your life, and people who are useless.

When evaluating life’s trials and adversities, how do we differentiate between God’s plan and the influence of the devil? And I think what this is laying out, are there two plans? God has a plan. The devil has a plan. How do I know if I’m walking in God’s plan or maybe I’m getting off track here.

You live close to the sacraments. You never miss mass. You have a prayer life, you get rid of sin out of your life, and people who are useless. If you have people in your life that consistently bring you down into sin, get rid of them. So you fill your life with holy things, and you get rid of things that are unholy.

And then you move forward, guided then by your prayer time, guided by the sacraments, by guided by the good and holy people you have in your life. You move forward and that’s how you know, right? That’s great. That question is equivalent to saying, how do I know that I am in right relationship with God.

You’re in right relationship by being in right relationship. So all of those things I mentioned: prayer life, involved in the life of your church, attending mass, living the sacraments faithfully, getting rid of sin out of your life, getting rid of people who are useless out of your life, befriending those who are good for you.

All of these things are ways to get closer to God and when you’ve got that happening in your life, you’re going to be the instrument that God wants you to be. You’re going to be fulfilled and you’re going to help others fulfill their lives. And so how would you not be living according to God’s plan?

If you’re falling into mortal sin and you’re not repenting, you’re not going back for the father’s forgiveness, then you are then under the dominion of the devil again. Exactly. And the more often you do that, the more often, the more the devil is going to, the more you’re going to come onto the devil’s radar.

So if you’re vacillating constantly back and forth, I belong to the kingdom of darkness. Oh, now I go back to the kingdom of God, but I don’t stay there long. I go back to here. At a certain point, the devil is going to take a way more interest in you. And this guy here has caused me pain for far too long.

And so he’s going to move in and try to make a move to keep you in his kingdom and not let you vacillate and escape from his clutches because really what you’re saying is I’m choosing God as my master one day. I’m choosing that now today I’m choosing the devil as my master. No now I’m serving God now. I’m serving the devil

Well at a certain point the dark master is gonna come and take in a special interest in you not want to let you to get away.

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