Mark Pica
Director of Development

Host the Pre-Exodus Meeting

The first step to hosting your first fraternity meeting (the pre-Exodus version) is connect with each man and determine the best time and place to get together — ideally a week in advance of the start date.

Once you’re all together (this can happen anywhere: church, your home, a private area of a coffee shop, etc), start with prayer. You can use the Fraternity Meeting structure for the opening prayer that’s found on the Exodus app.

For fraternities who are meeting each other for the first time, it’s important to give everyone a chance to briefly introduce themselves, their family situation, job, etc.

From there, take a quick overview of the Exodus 90 Field Guide, also available to all of the men on the Exodus app. Encourage each man in your fraternity to take time in prayer over the next few days to determine his ‘why’ for Exodus 90.

Be sure to have the married men in your fraternity read the blog post: The Exodus Man and His Bride. And, encourage him to talk to his wife before starting Exodus 90.

Finally, determine a weekly time and meeting place for the weekly fraternity meetings. It’s important to keep this to a place where each man will feel comfortable being honest and open (restaurants and busy coffee shops don’t typically work well).