James Baxter

Is this the year you’re called to lead a fraternity?

Leadership is one of the most discussed topics of our time, and for good reason. Leaders represent and shape those that follow them.  

But as much as we talk about it, what does true leadership mean? I opened back up one of my favorite books called True Leadership, published by the Habiger Institute for Catholic Leadership out of the Center for Catholic Studies in St. Paul, Minnesota. The book begins, as all good books do, by getting to the heart of the matter.

Everyone is a follower. Who among us did not depend upon their mother and father for everything in the first few years? And to this day, depends upon God for everything at every moment?
As sons of the Heavenly Father, every one of us is called to participate in the leadership of Jesus Christ. Our task is to conform ourselves to Christ, taking on his mind and heart so that we are leading those that follow us in the right direction, the path to eternal life. 
For most of us, our most important and influential leadership is in our families. But we often have other spheres of influence in which we are called to lead. One profound way is starting an Exodus fraternity so that men you know may encounter their freedom as sons of God through prayer, asceticism, and fraternity as they never have before.
Thousands of men have taken up this task over the past few years, and thousands more will take it up starting January 17 to journey through Lent to Easter Sunday. In order to help you discern if this task is for you this year, we launched a brand new 7-day Leadership Challenge, which you can learn more about here
We have more resources over here, where you can take your Exodus to the next level, while also sharing the freedom you’ve found with men who need it.
Be assured of my thoughts and prayers for you as we seek to conform our leadership with that of our Lord’s in this new year.