Doyle Baxter
Head of Product

🧡 New Chat Features in the App!

We’re excited to unveil a new slew of Fraternity and Individual Chat features for the Exodus App just in time for our Kings of Summer exercise . Many of these enhancements have been requested time and time again by Exodus Men, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to deliver them.

  • First and foremost, we have Reactions. By tapping-and-holding on a message, a little modal menu will open give you the option of reacting to a message with one of six emojis (🧡,💪,🙏,😂,👍 or 🚿). Reactions count as messages for badge notifications, push notifications, message previews, and message counters.
tap-and-hold a message
message reactions
reactions send a push notification to the group
  • Delete. Behold! You can now spare your fraternity horrific spelling and grammar issues by first copying the text of a message you’ve sent (copy is one of the options in the modal menu) and then deleting the initial message. The message is deleted in real time along with any reactions–like it never even happened 😎.
delete a message you’ve sent
  • Photo Previewer. Photos sent in the chat have a more elegant design pattern in the thread. You can also tap on them to expand them into a full screen previewer-type experience–fully outfitted with pinch-and-squeeze to zoom in and out. 
photos in chat
photo previewer
  • Emoji-Only Messages. Messages that contain only emojis are painted according to a different design pattern–no more squinting to see what precise emotional range in meant to be communicated 🤣 The emojis show directly on the chat background at approximately double the size of normal text. 
emoji only messages

This is one of the biggest updates to the app we’ve ever made, and we’re extremely excited about it! Hop into the app today and try out all of the new features!