James Baxter
Co-Founder / CEO

Not just 90 days anymore

It’s that time of year when we start outreach for the January start of Exodus 90. This year, we will begin on January 17th and journey through Lent to Easter. And you, and your fraternity, are most welcome to join us!

But this year is different! We have so much more to announce than simply the start date for Exodus 90. And as an Exodus member, we want you to be the very first to know about it.

Over the next month, we will be sharing many exciting updates that we have made to improve the Exodus experience. We’ve been working on some for the past few months, but others we have been building toward since we started in 2015. The upcoming 2022 Exodus is the culmination of years of feedback from men like you and a commitment to constant improvement by our team.

I’m excited today to announce to you the launch of our brand new Biblical Series next week! 

Now, when you finish Exodus 90, you will be able to continue your journey through the Biblical stories with the same prayerful, ascetic, and fraternal commitments that make Exodus 90 so special.

But the Biblical Series is different.

Exodus 90 is about growing in freedom through a challenging ninety-day period of purification. The Biblical Series is about ongoing, realistic, and helpful formation as men of faith each and every day.

We cannot rest on our laurels in today’s day and age and expect to grow in holiness. The attacks of the Devil are too powerful and far too subtle for that. The ninety days of Exodus should only be the beginning. We must continue our pursuit of Jesus Christ and put ourselves in a position to be transformed by him every day. That’s why we created the Biblical Series!

For those who have tried Day 91 spiritual exercises, you may wonder how the Biblical Series is different. It’s not! But in talking to men over the past year, we found that Day 91 confused them. When we asked if they would do Day 91, many said no. But when we asked the same men if they would be interested in more bible-based programs, the overwhelming response was yes! We had a messaging problem. So, we learned, updated, and simplified Day 91 into the Biblical Series.

The response from early adopters has been overwhelmingly positive!

“I have been on my Exodus journey for 1 year and 10 months. The morning reading and prayers set my compass every day. I thank God for opening my heart to Him and the grace that allows me to live and love every day. Amen. Exodus has opened my eyes to the narrow path. It has inspired me to continue this journey with Jesus. Thank you!”

“Awesome experience. I started in 2020, and my fraternity won’t stop. We’re going for Exodus 40 years 
😂. It’s the only thing that has taught me how to fast and live in complete freedom. I just hope the content keeps coming so we can continue for 40 years!”

“I did Exodus 90 and then continued on with the ongoing programs. I never realized how much I needed this formation.”

As an Exodus member, you will have access to the Biblical Series and all of our more than 1,000+ days of reflections! Jump back into the app, and continue your formation with the Biblical Series that launches next week.