Recommended Lenten Reading From the Exodus Team

Looking for something to read during Lent? Here are 7 picks from the team at Exodus!

1. The Fabric of Reality by David Deutsch

Jamie Baxter, Founder & CEO

I’m reading The Fabric of Reality right now by David Deutsch, and I plan to continue reading it into Lent. The book attempts a theory of everything, to achieve an understanding of all that is known, by synthesizing the four theories of quantum mechanics, epistemology, evolution, and computation. The book was gifted to me by a friend for Christmas (my brother, Doyle) and it’s been a real banger so far. Why would I read this during Lent? Well, it’s about getting to the heart of reality, and even if this is from an angle likely untouched by the Gospel, all truth unites in His face, and that encounter in the desert is what Lent’s about.

2. The Iliad

Doyle Baxter, Head of Product

The Iliad. It’s the original story at the heart of the Western world (there’s still some force behind the argument that Greek writing was re-invented in the 8th century to write down Homer’s Iliad). It presents the tragic consequences of one man’s choice between (1) dying young on the battlefield at Troy and thereby to be remembered forever or (2) going home to live a peaceful life but be forgotten. There are no villains in the story only heroes (on both sides of the war). It’s a war story confronting the tragic nature of force, violence, and war itself. 

3. Chastity by Bishop Erik Varden

Dr. Jared Staudt, Director of Content

Bishop Varden is one of the clearest voices calling us back to the sacred right now. He speaks in a way that is fresh and accessible, and he invites us to view the topic of chastity with fresh eyes. The book helps us to understand the dynamics of our journey to freedom more deeply. 

4. The Lord of the World by Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson

Kevin Kelly, Head of Finance

It is a dystopian novel about the coming of the Antichrist as a smooth-talking politician who promises peace through death and truth through the destruction of religion (sound familiar?) Against this backdrop a small contingent of English Catholics strive to preserve the Church and in turn humanity itself.

Why read this during Lent – as a reminder that while Christ’s Passion & Resurrection won the War, we are still called to battle in satan’s death throes.

5. The Inferno by Dante Alighieri

Adam Minihan, Head of Marketing

Dante is a literary genius. His writings are literal, allegorical, moral, and anagogic. Reading The Divine Comedy, specifically The Inferno, during Lent provides opportunity to reflect on potential vices that may have gained ground in your life while also emphasizing the importance of always looking to the heavens and ascending towards what is true, good, and beautiful. While there are numerous translations available, I recommend Mark Musa or Anthony Esolen.

6. The Power of Silence by Robert Cardinal Sarah

John Kanel, Growth Manager

Silence is necessary to hear the voice of God and far too often I deprive myself of the opportunity to actually hear his voice. This Lent, I’m praying that Cardinal Sarah’s wisdom will allow me to enter into the penitential season in a deeper way.

7. The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy

Derek Cummins, Digital Marketing Manager

I used to read this every year during Great Lent. It’s a fictional account, which gets me out of my usual reading mode of heavy theological works or Church history. The Great Fast is a time to reflect on the state of humanity after the Fall and what we’ve become as a race of creatures subject to death, dying, and corruption. “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” is a very honest account of the a man’s process of dying – a process which we will all have to face. This book regularly drove me to prayer in gratitude that Christ has “defeated death by death” in His Holy Resurrection.

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