Responding to Common Objections

“There’s no way I’m taking cold showers.” “I’ve got a lot going on right now.” “$10 a month isn’t going to work for me.” “But, it’s March Madness, bro….” We’ve heard them all. And more.

“There’s no way I’m taking cold showers.”

“I’ve got a lot going on right now.”

“$10 a month isn’t going to work for me.”

“But, it’s March Madness, bro….”

We’ve heard them all. And more. When it comes to Exodus 90, our brothers can be quick to find objections for why not to take it on. 

I mean, let’s face it: this isn’t a walk in the park. 

Yes, Exodus 90 is challenging. Welcome to the Christian life! The crucifixion wasn’t exactly a relaxing Friday afternoon, guys.

So, let’s break down some of these objections and discuss responses you can share.

The Cold Showers

Yes, these can suck. But the key part to this discipline of Exodus 90 is why you’re taking cold showers. You see, before you start day 1, you’re asked to consider your ‘why’ — as in, why are you doing this? Who are you praying for each time you experience a bit of hardship along the way? What do you want from these 90 days?

That’s the key to understanding the cold showers (and everything else with Exodus 90). Once you understand why you’re saying yes, the cold showers make sense. And yes, they become do-able. And yes, they’ll still suck. That’s the point. 

Exodus 90 isn’t about the struggle and the challenge. It’s about what those struggles turn you into: a man who is disciplined and knows how to live a life of virtue past day 91. 

“I’m really busy right now.”

I’ve used this one myself, before. It was true, too  — I had a lot going on at the time with work, home life, kids, parish stuff. 

Do you know what I learned? I wasted a lot of time. A lot. On Netflix, on YouTube, on mindless scrolling through Twitter. It’s kind of embarrassing how much free time I found myself with once I started week one of Exodus. 

So, the response to “I’m too busy” is: “then you need to do Exodus 90”. Basically.

The Cost

Did you know the average Exodus man saves $300 during Exodus 90? It’s true. It’s because he’s not buying beer, he’s pausing Netflix, and he’s abstaining from other random purchases (because we abstain from non-essential purchases during Exodus 90). So, if you hear the cost is an issue, just let him know how much he’ll save by doing it. You’ll also support a company that shares your values!

March Madness

We all have our excuses. March Madness, or not. The core thing here is comfort. “I don’t want to be uncomfortable,” is what they’re saying underneath it all. Let’s go back to what I said about the cold showers. 

Once you know why you’re doing this, March Madness becomes a pithy distraction.

Here’s the good news: March Madness will be there for you next year and every year of your life after that! Unless you give it up after Exodus 90… you would not be the first!

At the end of life what do we want our children and family to say about us, “he was a true sports guy. Very devoted to the games he watched and the teams he supported.”

Or, “Our dad was a true man, devoted to his God, his wife, and his children above everything else.”

This response will be hard for many men to hear at first, and you will not likely get a yes from them that day.

Be patient. Let him sit with this truth. Then be sure to make a follow up invitation to him and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

After all, the Holy Spirit is Undefeated. 

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