Reviving A Lost Tradition: St. Michael’s Lent

An ancient tradition is being revived by the team behind the popular men's spiritual exercise Exodus 90.

August 15th marks the start of a 40-day program for men to take up spiritual disciplines of prayer, asceticism, and fraternity 

An ancient tradition is being revived by the team behind the popular men’s spiritual exercise Exodus 90.  

Starting on August 15th and ending on the Feast of the Archangel Michael (September 29th), men all over the world will take up the spiritual disciplines of prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. The 40-day spiritual exercise asks men to commit to living a more simplified lifestyle — void of the noise of the world, and instead more in tune with a conversation with the Lord.

“St. Michael is the guardian angel of God’s people and stands as an excellent model for the life of faith — especially for Christian men,” says Dr. Jared Staudt, the director of content for Exodus. “St. Michael’s Lent is about opening our eyes to the reality of the spiritual battle that rages around us.”

St. Francis of Assisi famously received the stigmata while praying through the 40 days of St. Michael’s Lent in the year 1224.

“Prayer, fasting, and time devoted to the Lord are not relegated only to the big liturgical seasons in our Church’s calendar” adds Jamie Baxter, Founder & CEO of Exodus.

“As followers of Christ, we are called to pursue Him always, throughout the year, and yes, even over the summer.”

Over 100,000 men have found freedom and formation by way of the spiritual exercises from Exodus, and thousands more are expected to take on this journey.

Men seeking to start on that date can download the Exodus app at or via Google or Apple app stores.

The program requires a fraternity of 6-8 men in order to fully experience the benefits of accountability and encouragement.

“After 4 years of doing Exodus programs, I’ve found that a fraternity is vital to keep accountability, and if I failed in my duties I would let them down’” admits Kurt Gibson of San Diego. “A strong fraternity cultivates an environment of yearning to be the best you can be through Christ.”

Exodus offers spiritual exercises throughout the liturgical year for men, such as during Lent, Advent, and Ordinary Time.

With more than 5,000 5-star reviews, the Exodus app features daily readings and reflections, habit-tracking tools, workout guides, book studies, individual and group messaging, as well as brand new audio versions. For the first time ever, participants will be able to listen and pray with the daily readings and reflections on the Exodus app, making it easier for men to take in the daily content on their commutes or during the work day.

For men unable to create a fraternity locally, they can use the Fraternity Finder on the Exodus app. The Fraternity Finder gives men all over the world the ability to connect with each other for accountability during, and far past, the program’s 40 days. 

Get a sneak peak of the Day One reading and reflection (new with audio recordings this year!).


Exodus gives men the tools to live different — a clear roadmap to a more purposeful life. More than 100,000 men worldwide experience greater freedom, more dependence on God, less attachment to worldly distractions and pleasures — while being more present to the people around them like their wives, children, friends, and parish community.

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