Mark Quaranta
Head of Marketing

Sanctity and Spilt Milk

The other day, our 3-year old dropped a smoothie on the floor… full smoothie… without a lid. The cup defied the laws of physics in how high the projectile splattered on to the wall.

After I grumbled and cleaned it up, I realized that I’m missing something.

In my prayer, I might reflect on the virtue of patience and even ask for the grace to be more patient. But then 20 minutes later, I’m surprised and offended that my patience is being tested.

Saint Philip Neri once complained to God in prayer about having to put up with a very annoying person. Jesus answered Saint Philip’s prayer, “Philip, you have asked for patience. Here is the means of acquiring it.”

Now I’m not saying my 3-year old is “a very annoying person,” he’s actually a sweet kid, but you get my point. This isn’t some interruption or obstacle on the path to sanctity. This is the path. This is what will sanctify me.

God uses the people around us to test and strengthen us. He doesn’t give the miracle of children so that we can become holy without them. Our lives are not happening over here and theirs are over there. Our lives are uniquely wound up with theirs.

How blessed are we that this is our calling. That God wants to make us saints through our fatherhood.

We shouldn’t be surprised when kids are kids and spill their cereal. We should see it for what it is, God asking us to step up to the plate and grow in holiness. One cheerio at a time.

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