Team Exodus

Spiritual Warfare 101 Syllabus

To accompany men journeying through St. Michael’s Lent, Exodus is offering a series of live talks on the nature of spiritual warfare. Let’s face it, we are in the middle of this battle whether we are aware of it or not.

During this course, we will hear from those who have more experience dealing with exorcisms and the daily battle against demons. Our speakers will help us know how to arm ourselves in spiritual warfare so that we can claim the authority of Christ over our lives and our loved ones.

In case you miss the live event on the Exodus app, it will be available there to watch throughout the rest of St. Michael’s Lent (and only on the Exodus app for viewing).

August 15 • 12pm EDT

Session 1 – The Reality of Spiritual Warfare

presented by Fr. Carlos Martins, Catholic Priest and Exorcist

Demons surround us and constantly seek to tempt and oppress us. But, we are not helpless against them, with angels to protect us and the power of prayer to unite us to our heavenly king. Come and learn about the nature of spiritual warfare and how you can protect yourself from demonic attacks.

Father Carlos Martins is a priest with the Companions of the Cross, a religious community with the charism and mission of evangelization. A convert from atheism, he discovered Jesus Christ and the Christian faith while he was an undergraduate. He currently serves as the regional coordinator of evangelization for the Archdiocese of Detroit. He travels internationally as an itinerant preacher. Download the Exodus app to watch.

August 22 • 12pm EDT

Session 2 – The Exorcist Files: Telling Stories of Freedom

presented by Ryan Bethea, Host of The Exorcist Files podcast

 Along with Fr. Carlos Martins, Ryan Bethea created the popular podcast The Exorcist Files. Ryan will explain how this podcast came about and what insights he has learned from it. This will point us to the reality of demonic attacks, but also the power of the Church’s prayer to deliver us from evil. Download the Exodus app to watch.

August 29 • 12pm EDT

Session 3 – Christian Manhood: Leaders in the Spiritual Life

presented by Kyle Clement, speaker, radio host, and lay associate for exorcisms

Modern culture seeks to push men to the sidelines, denigrating masculinity. God created men to be spiritual leaders in the home and in society, however. Kyle Clement will explain how men must take spiritual authority over their lives against the attack of demons and can protect others. Download the Exodus app to watch.

Sept. 5 • 12pm EDT

Session 4 – Men of Fidelity: The Spiritual Power of Vows

presented by Kyle Clement, speaker, radio host, and lay associate for exorcisms

The enemy seeks to lead us to make negative vows that keep us locked into our wounds and sinful habits. Faithfulness to vows, such as baptism and marriage, point us to the path of spiritual freedom. Download the Exodus app to watch.

Sept. 12 • 12pm EDT

Session 5 – Like unto God: Exorcism and Spiritual Combat

presented by Kyle Clement, speaker, radio host, and lay associate for exorcisms

Most of us will never encounter demonic possession but spiritual warfare follows the same principles. Demonic rebellion flows from satan’s cry of non serviam (I will not serve) and the power of exorcism follows the pattern of St. Michael’s victory of satan as the one “like unto God.” The demons want to pull us into the effects of their rebellion while we must stand with the angels who surround us with their fidelity. Download the Exodus app to watch.

Recommended Reading

The Spiritual Combat & a Treatise on Peace of Soul, Dom Lorenzo Scupoli

The Spiritual Combat, first published in 1589, provides timeless guidance in spiritual discipline. St. Francis de Sales (1576-1622) read from it himself every day and recommended it to everyone under his direction.

Vigorous, realistic and full of keen insight into human nature, The Spiritual Combat consists of short chapters based on the maxim that in the spiritual life one must either “fight or die”. Fr. Scupoli shows the Christian how to combat his passions and vices, especially impurity and sloth, in order to arrive at victory. Purchase here.

Exorcism: The Battle Against Satan and His Demons, Fr. Vincent P. Lampert

At a time when many Christians no longer practice their faith, there has been an increase in the attention given to the devil and his devious ways. Because the devil seeks to destroy and separate us from God, all Catholics must be on guard.

In Exorcism: The Battle Against Satan and His Angels, Fr. Vincent P. Lampert, a seasoned exorcist, presents authentic Catholic teaching on the devil and his plan against humanity. Purchase here.

Deliverance Prayer for Use by the Laity, Fr. Chad A Ripperger PhD

An essential resource for families and individuals in our times.

Please read the introduction pages and instructions at the beginning of the book before praying the deliverance prayers. You must be sure you have the proper authority when you are praying. 

Prayers for use by the laity in waging spiritual warfare from the public domain and the Church’s treasury. The book has an imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Denver. Purchase here.