Week 3 Action Items

1. Executing Your Plan

We are entering our third week and it’s time to evaluate the battle thus far. Have you been making progress on your goal? Has your plan of action been working? You can fine-tune your Plan of Life in the app if you need to make adjustments. Talk with your Anchor about how it’s been going.

2. A Win For Your Fraternity: Schedule an Event

Building strong Christian fraternity itself constitutes a major win in the spiritual battle. The devil wins more easily when he isolates us, finding us without regular support. We can do more together, and we should not feel like we are simply victims of cultural decline. Together as men, we can start overturning idols and building a Christian way of life.

Meeting consistently is the core of keeping a fraternity healthy. Beyond that, you can strengthen your brotherhood by planning additional events. You can go to daily Mass together, meet for Confession, take a hike, have a cookout, etc. Feel free to include families on occasion as well.

3. Addressing Battle Wounds

As we fight, we will notice old scars and new wounds emerging. The devil uses these to cause discouragement. We might feel ashamed and want to hide them from our brothers. We all have wounds, however, and part of growth is bringing them to the light and addressing them in a healthy way.

Bring them to God in prayer.

Seek help when you need it.

Don’t give up.

God can bring healing to your life. A key part of this is building good habits that will last into the future. Prayer, asceticism, and fraternity are pillars of the Christian life that have to abide beyond any exercise or phase of life.

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