Week 5 Action Items

1. Put God First: Stay Rooted in Prayer

How do you avoid idolatry? You keep God as your first priority and greatest love, allowing nothing to stand in the way. We back up this priority by taking time every day for prayer. Are you staying consistent in your twenty minutes each day and your weekly hour hour?

God is the source of freedom and happiness. When we spend time with him, we open the door of our hearts to him to dwell in us and to refashion us from within.

2. Embrace Greater Asceticism in Battle

Our disciplines support our life of prayer. God wins the victory for us, but he also wants us to do our part in battle. We overturn idols by breaking our attachment to material things and bodily pleasure. Asceticism helps us to build greater freedom through detachment and creating discipline focused on spiritual growth.

How has your practice of our baseline disciplines been going? Do you need to add anything to your own Plan of Life? There’s still time to make some adjustments this Fall.

3. Celebrate Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day

Halloween kicks off a triduum of celebration focused on remembering the dead. To God, all are alive as he is God of the living not the dead. We celebrate the victory of the saints, God’s holy ones, on All Saints Day. Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, begins the celebration the day before, giving us a strong contrast between light and darkness.  On All Souls Day, we remember our beloved dead.

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